Celebrating the life of “the fashionista”!!!

The fashionista is turning 7 today !

How is that possible??!!!

baby kaleighShe was such a little peanut , born weighing only 6 lbs. She earned the nickname “pickle” which we called her til she was about 3 years old. She was the perfect “combo” kid since Sweet Pea looked just like me and DDD looked just like my husband.

 I thought I would honor her by showing some photos of her from the past…..before I was a blogger..haha

kaleigh and shayI mean….how cute is she!

She was as cute as a button but….our first “feisty” kid. Sweet Pea just wanted to kiss on her all day but she would have no part of it. She was tough and pretty tenacious. She would scream if they were driving her crazy but spent most of her playtime jumping around like crazy.

We learned early that she would find a great playmate in Dirty Dog D. He was able to teach her the “ropes” and yet snag a partner for his wild adventures.

tiarasThe fashionista was always found with a tiara on. However, in this picture DDD is showing her how to use the tiara as a superhero vision ray…haha. She would do anything he said.

saint picShe was always a sweet kid….but demanded her space and for things to be done her way.

We learned quickly that she was going to “school us” in raising a diva. She quickly begin to challenge the “hand me downs” that I wanted to dress her in and showed me that she had her own style.

kals 5She could accessorize, and still does, like no one’s business! Her outfits often include several bracelets and earrings that she “finds” in my room. If I hear someone “clunking” down the hall, it is usually her with a pair of my high heels.

If any of the kids need help with outfits, she is the first one that they consult. She is so great about helping everyone and is always a fun playmate.

packingHere she is with Mini me as I was trying to pack for my getaway with the hubs to Cancun. She could not believe she “never saw this hat before”! I had to double check my suitcase when the two of them left. She’s been known to confiscate pieces that she “loves”. haha.

buddiesShe’s a super great friend! The fashionista has very few girlfriends. My husband and I joke around that she was a very small “inner” circle and that’s it. She is super confident, independent, and full of life.

She has always seen herself as a princess. We constantly affirm that she is the daughter of a heavenly king, which she loves!!!

On her fifth birthday, she wanted the ultimate princess party….

Kaleigh's birthday

She invited all her friends to wear their princess dresses, as she was definitely going to be decked out for the party.

And the cake…..had to be amazing as well….

birthday cake 2Thankfully, my little kitchen helpers came in handy. It was a fabulous party!

arielAnd at her 6th birthday party, she decided that she was going to be Ariel. It wasn’t enough to get the mermaid dress and shoes. Of course not….she needed the red wig!!!

And this year, we will be hanging poolside as we focus on her newest thrill….

Elsa from Frozen…..

Happy Birthday Fashionista!

Little one,  You have helped me to learn that independence is good and that sometimes being your mom means just watching you grow into an amazing little girl. You require so little direction as you have always been a confident leader.

july 4You truly are one of a kind and you have my heart!

My prayer is that you will always be expressive and full of the joy of life!

Love, Mommy….

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