Calgon….take me away!!!

Bipolar Work Disorder

Maybe I am aging myself but I used to love that commercial….

the woman who just seemed so overwhelmed that all she could think about was a hot bath.

Yep….I’m there.


emotional drained….check.

Physically sore….check.

irritable…check, check, check.

I figured since one reader was talking about how “great” my little family life is that maybe I don’t do enough to describe the craziness that life can throw our way too.

We are not a perfect family.

And as much as my kids love me, they know that I’m not the perfect mom.

I continually apologize for my bouts with frustration; my rants about housework; or my need for everyone to “listen to me”.

This blog is not about perfection but about reality.

Its about connecting with someone “across the way” by sharing the same struggles, and holding on to the same desires. Its about wanting as parents to be “the best” for our kids but falling short.

This morning…I am not going very deep….

I just desire to be by myself for a few minutes.

It wouldn’t hurt if I was stuck on a beach somewhere….with a great cocktail….some praise and worship music on my ipod….and a great book……..(insert 5 minutes of picturing myself there)

However, God seems to have me here with these little noisy cherubs who are fighting about everything; crying about headaches and sore throats; and yet must eat.


IMG_5810This morning, I actually went out and applied miracle gro to my garden and watered it… my pajamas.

Why you ask?

To take a step outside of the craziness that is my house this morning.

Sometimes, I just have to walk away before i lose it.

If you are unsure what “lose it” means, do you recall that scene in The Incredibles where the baby gets so mad when he is kidnapped by Sid that he goes through several emotions at one time….

sheer panic/fear:

.Printer-friendly version of the entry


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and then the fiery temper:

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I exaggerate only slightly…haha

I can only handle children doped up on tylenol and sick with fevers for so long. It seems just when one is getting better another one comes along with the same symptoms.

In the past two days, I have made two visits to the ER: one for a child with an acute UTI and one for a child who had a 15 minute febrile seizure; made an insane amount of hot tea; dispensed too many “shots” of antibiotics and tylenol; and held numerous hot children for hours at a time.

Did I mention the husband has had walking pneumonia? that he has had three different antibiotics that have yet to kick it? Did I also mention that he sprained his foot and has been on crutches for the past week? Not sure how not having another adult that can help would make me feel more burdened…but it does.

I can’t help but wish I was out with the kids checking things off our bucket list. I want to be sitting in the summer sun watching the kids swim in the pool. I want to be picking baskets full of strawberries and learning how to make strawberry jam.

What I didn’t want was this.

Somehow in my last conversation with God, He must have misunderstood what I was praying for. I asked for more time to devote to the menu planning and housework.

Ouch….thanks…..for the answer to prayer.

I guess all I can do is be thankful for the down time. Be thankful that maybe this blog post is made to touch that mom who is feeling alone in her misery right now.

No worries, girlfriend….I feel ya. haha

My prayers are going out today to all those mommas whose children are terminally ill or who deal with this on a regular basis. I have no idea how you handle that cross. My guess is that you are far more gracious about it than I.

Looks like tonight this momma is going to be

pouring the wine…and the calgon.

Here’s to hoping that I remember to lock the door…and turn up the music.

They that hope in the Lord will renew their strength,

they will soar as with the wings of eagles”.- Isaiah: 40:31

God bless,


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