Frozen….not ready to defrost yet!!!!


“Would you like to build a snowman??””

hahaha….now I just got it in your head…..

How about this guy? What a riot!

My family is currently OBSESSED with this movie. Seeing as though we got snowed in the three times we tried to see it ,when it first came out, we finally got the theater to ourselves last week when we went to see it.

Let’s just say there was no way I would have taken my 2 and 4 yr old to a movie theater when it was crowded…

I would have died of embarrassment at their darling Irish whispers…

“Mom, mom….he said, ‘butt'”

(loud whisper) “Mom… that dress appropriate?”

“Why won’t her sister play with her?”

They can’t help it….it’s the thrill of a big screen…..

they NEED to talk about what they are seeing…..

It took the hubs all of ONE night to download the whole soundtrack from itunes and surprise the kiddos after dinner. He called them all through and placed his ipod in the ihome and everyone went crazy…..DDD tried to act like he didn’t care but he joined in the pandemonium.

Since then, the song “Let it go” has become the plague of our home. I hear the 2 yr old belt it out while pooping on the toliet….the hubs sings it while making his lunch (yep…totally caught him)…..DDD grabs his guitar and tries to “pic” various chords that he recognizes ….and the three older girls sing “Do you want to built a snowman?” while reenacting the “knocking on the door” scene and the laying on the floor scene…its really hysterical.

IMG_4337Here they are….defeated…. since Elsa won’t open the door….haha

I thought we couldn’t get any worse….and then Sweet Pea came in SCREAMING from her piano lesson…..

her teacher had photocopied the music to “let it go” for her!!!!

(Happy dance…..)


I’m looking at a good two weeks of hearing that PLAYED on the piano at least four times a day…

and then the Fashionista will have to “belt out” her rendition everyday during the 4-6 pm period of “sheer madness” known as dinner prep.

Oh…..let it go!!!……hahahaha

As for now, we are still loving frozen….

maybe we’ll get to some  beautiful spring weather to make Frozen a little less awesome……

Do I hear The Little Mermaid?????!!!

“Under the sea…..”

God Bless,


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