Reconciliation gift idea!

DDD is making his first reconciliation next month and we are busy preparing him to receive this great sacrament.

I wanted to share with you an idea that I did for Sweet Pea two years ago when it was her special day.

Reconciliation PresentI attached this tag on the outside of a “goodie bag” with special treats for her day.  This is what the bag included and the explanation:

Congratulations on your First Reconciliation!

Enclosed are a few “gifts” for your big day:

Eraser: God has “erased” your sins, you are ready to start anew.

Lifesavers: Reconciliation is a “lifesaver”. It allows us to reunite ourselves with God by purging the sin from our soul.

Sunglasses: allow yourself to “soak” in the Son’s rays….be in the presence of God during your penance.

Thank you cards: a reminder that you have to be thankful for this sacrament, and that you have a God that loves you.

$10 bill: 10 means “perfection/ completeness” in scripture. We hope you “cash in” on this sacrament and allow the Lord to complete his work in you.

I was looking for something “unique” to celebrate such an amazing time in her faith walk and she loved this. I will definitely be doing this for DDD. I might have to change it up a bit but the sentiment will be the same.

Hope this is useful for you!

God Bless,


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  • Chrissy says:

    Oh, how apropos. 😉

  • Kelly says:

    Great idea Tammi! It is a big spring for our boys with these sacraments! I am going to borrow this for Billy! Thank you!!