Happy Mardi Gras!!!!

Mardi Gras is french for Fat Tuesday!!!

Fat Tuesday celebrates the day before Ash Wednesday when Christians will celebrate one last “hurray” indulging in sweets, meats, etc. before “giving up” something for Lent.

How funny is this banner???!!!!

Well today was ALL ABOUT indulging in some meat and goodies and chatting up the meaning of Lent with the children.

We had fastnacht doughnuts for breakfast.

... yeast raised potato doughnuts, which are lovingly known as Fastnachts

Yummo!! These little “tastes of heaven” are a family tradition on Fat Tuesday. I’m not a huge fan of donuts….but I can’t resist these!!! They are made with a potato flour and are simply delicious. Our local Giant sells them and the minute we see them….warm thoughts!!!!

We had cheeseburgers for lunch. (Bring on the red meat!!!) While we talked about preparing our minds and hearts to enter the season of Lent.

We made chocolate chip cookies for an all- girl tea party. ( Another guilt-free treat for Fat Tuesday!!)

tea party!
tea party!

 For dinner, I surprised the hubs with his favorite childhood dinner:  Roasted pork tenderloin, candied lima beans (no joke….take butter beans and cook them on 350 in a combination of brown sugar and karo syrup for about two hours…..finish them for 20 minutes in a 450 oven until sticky…..sugar coma!!!), mashed potatoes, and steamed broccoli. I figured….we would go out with a bang. haha.

and then dessert……

photo 3mint chocolate chip ice cream !!

So gangsta!....gotta love DDD.
So gangsta!….gotta love DDD.

The hubs and I indulged in a little vino as well. Gotta love these masks from the local Dollar tree!

photo 1

We love to make sure that we are living up the holidays with the kiddos…especially the Liturgical Seasons!

Don’t forget to get your ashes tomorrow!!!!

Happy Lent!

God Bless,



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