Car accidents, trash bag races, and gross hair……

So I feel like the last few days/weeks have been a blur…

trying to recover from the craziness of all this snow…

getting over being sick…….

we’ve had some fun and some scary moments over here…

and unfortunately there has been no wine “chasing” just making memories…..

So…here’s my 7 quick takes from the past two weeks :

 1.) My toddler is growing up WAAAAAAYYYY too fast. I’m not sure how I feel about this. As I was growing frustrated about her lack of ability to stay in her new “big girl” bed, (I forgot how GLORIOUS the “look mom….I came out again” moments are) she burst into tears. I just “NEEEED a bow!!!”  I said…”a bow? for your hair?”  Yeah..(calming down) and make it big… Who is this kid? And like the tired mom of 5 kids…I planted a big pink bow in her hair…and tucked her in….again.

Apparently she now makes coffee….haha
And..she wears glasses if the Fashionista helps her get dressed in the morning.

2.) Forget what people say about the “only boy” or “only girl” in your family. They will do their own thing and be fine. DDD loves his sisters. The only thing better than hanging out with them is when he declares it “treat my sister as a brother” day and they hang out all day.

IMG_3851He grabbed the fashionista, threw some of his clothes on her and it was a day full of fun. Legos, wrestling matches, laser tag, .. The fashionista (AKA ‘Bob’) was plenty fun for this little boy.

DDD is also the most imaginative kid. Today they lassoed a rope to my stairs and went mountain climbing. The delivery bag that my husband’s new Notre Dame clothes came in…..duct taped around his waist for the perfect hulk pants.

IMG_40193.) Our existence here on earth is ….temporary. Cling to it….live life with meaning and loving every minute you have with loved ones! I got a call last Thursday night around 11pm that was one of the hardest calls I have ever had to bear. The call was from my husband, “Honey…I’ve been in a bad car accident. I think I’m really hurt. Please…call (insert brother’s name).” I was panic stricken……take a look at his car…….yep…..

IMG_4026IMG_4024I can only say that the Lord was watching over my husband. No one on the scene could believe my husband walked away from this. No cuts, no bruises….nothing……but the notion that I could have woken up a widow. That my children could have lost their father in one fatal car accident…so scary. It really make you examine how you live your life and what you consider precious.

4.) If you turn off the TV, you turn on their minds. I have a really bad habit of putting the 2 yr old in front of “a show”…namely one with a monkey and a girl that go on adventures…and I’ve been trying to just “shut it off” and make the kids do other things…

Batgirl showed up for the day!!!
Batgirl showed up for the day!!!

Apparently, I live with Batgirl…who knew?!!! My kids also played house for about two hours the other day….2 hours??!!! Lucky for me, it happened during Miss Missy’s nap….happy “mommy conquering thing to do list” moment!!!!

5.) Mommy minutes…..Don’t you wish that was a thing?…”mommy minutes”…you could give yourself a time out. Maybe have a special couch that you sit on that has a wine storage/cooler in it…and a glass. I might have to add that to the new house rules….and mommy gets “100 mommy minutes per week”. Don’t you wish we could give each other “mommy minutes” … a gift card? Ok…..back to reality…haha.

6.) Challenge yourself…and reward big. So last week I was doing a week long Beachbody challenge with a former college friend and it was awesome! I’m such an emotional eater….and I was really impressed by my dedication to working out and eating right. Needing to “reward” myself differently than food, I purchased these awesome new “kicks”. They motivate me to work out…..

IMG_40127.)Hair and dust bunnies can be scary. It always amazes me the toddler’s “take” on everyday things. This week it was a small clump of hair that she found in the bathroom. I found her like this…..totally grossed out, and freaked out…you should have seen her scamper when she breathed and it moved…haha

IMG_3997Thanks for “checking in” on the crew!!! Here’s to hoping I find some more time this week to finish up a few more blog posts!!!

God bless,


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