Superbowl Sunday!!!

SuperBowl Sunday!!!

This morning, Mini Me greeted me and said, “I’m so excited for today!” “We’re going bowling!!!”

Me: “What?”…what do you mean? (getting her dressed)

Mini Me: “We are going to super Bowl!!”….after laughing at her hysterically…and then apologizing, I cleared up that confusion. Her response?

“Wait….so we are just going to watch football and eat yummy food?…..Will there be ice cream (grinning)?”

We are not letting sickness break up our rhythm over here!!

We’re getting our game faces on!!

bria2Pre-gaming “girl’s style”:

nails4 nails2 kal2Getting out our Seahawk colors: navy blue, white, neon green

Rooting on the Seahawks!!!

It’s Superbowl Sunday…and Sundaes!!!!

We love ANY excuse to throw a fun party and the Super Bowl is an excuse to bring out the every-once-in-a-while treats. (And seeing as tomorrow starts my first Beachbody/Shakeology challenge….it couldn’t come at a better time. More on that mid-week)

On the menu:

Sausage and pepper sandwiches- an old favorite!!!
hot dogs
hot dogs for the littles!
root beer float
root beer floats!
Superbowl Sunday Sundaes!!!!

So thankful to my husband who didn’t ruin my “cool status” with my kids and went shopping for all our food! (I’m still under the weather and hoping for a full recovery soon.)

Counting down til the big game!

Let’s go Seahawks!

***(only because my husband says that’s who I***

God Bless,


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