Superhero party!

*** I can’t believe it has taken me over a month to produce this blog post… here goes…****

photo 3(1)SUPERHERO PARTY!!!!

Ever since I can remember my son has been obsessed with superheroes. It all started when his dad bought him these books and would spend a few minutes a night going through the “characters”. As you can imagine, it also brought out the “inner child” in my husband.

You can find it here on Amazon.

It seems every Halloween, DDD is coming up with another superhero costume and can always be found dressed up in costume. So when January came along, it seemed fitting that he have a superhero party for his 8th birthday!!!

His selected breakfast of choice: Cream Chipped Beef!!!!
I love this kid!

I have often entertained the idea of having just a few friends join DDD at a laser tag arena or to go to the movies for the day, but DDD LOVES all his friends. He has such a big heart that there isn’t a CHANCE he would want to have to pick who to invite. So…  It always comes down to selecting a fun theme and having a party at the house.

We used Evite to send an online invitation to the 16 boys he was inviting since his birthday comes up so quickly after Christmas.

These two pictures were definitely going to add to the fun…Thank you Ross….$9.99 each….and they are definitely going in DDD’s room.

photo(12)I used the Walmart and local Dollar Tree to help me gather some stuff for these cute “goodies” to go home.

                         Walmart: (pack of 4) Avenger mask; activity pack of crayons, and a pad; red ribbon

Dollar Store: 50 piece Avenger puzzle

photo 2

I also used the Walmart for these cute plates and napkins. I hit the Dollar Tree for the colorful tablecloths and utensils.

photo 3

So…I love all these awesome party decorations that are on etsy. You can literally order the stuff a day before (let’s not forget what a procrastinator I am…) and print it out. I opted to go with one that was not personalized in case I wanted to reuse the file for something else. It was also a cheaper option.

Superhero Birthday Party Package Collection Set Micro NonPersonalized Printable // Retro Superhero - B27Nz1

You can find it here on Etsy.

I used these decorations to write up about the food I was providing. To add place card tags to the table, etc. They are just a fun addition to a party.

Now….for the yumminess that was the food.

I forgot to take a picture of the hot food as I was serving it right out of the oven…. we had:

  • Mighty macaroni (a home baked favorite)
  • Wonder dogs (mini hot dogs in puff pastry)

photo 3

  • Kryptonite Kiwi

photo 2(2)

  • Thor’s hammers (pretzel sticks with cheese slices)

photo 1(1)

  • Super shields (Oreos)

photo 4

  • Toxic Venom (Sherbert w/ginger ale)


So this part of the party was ALL the hubs and he did not disappoint…

photo 1(2)
Our superheroes fighting while they await direction…
  • Toss the boulder over the banister.

(The hubs used several pieces of newspaper and crushed them together and held it was duck tape so they looked like gray rocks. The boys then had to throw them over our banister. Super cute….so fun.)

photo 2(3)

  • Sock’em josting

We brought the girls balance beam up from the basement along with their gymnastics mat. The Dollar tree provided these cute “sock em” type inflatable punching gloves. We paired the boys up and let them take turns trying to hit each other off the beam. Everyone loved it! We ended with one big battle with everyone using their sock’em.

  • Practice Webbing

We used some silly string from the dollar store to have the boys hit a moving target that my husband was holding. We lined the boys up on our front porch and yelled out each kid’s name. They have about 30 seconds to try and hit the target. The game ended with an attack on my husband…..and then me!!! haha.

photo 1
The birthday cake!!!

I’m a huge fan of fun cupcakes (which are also way easier) but DDD wanted a fun cake. He got pretty excited when he saw me going through his action figures for inspiration. This is what I ended up with….its hard to really see…but it is suppose to be green lantern spiralling up through the earth; Robin riding in on a motorcycle; and Captain America breaking through the rock and debris. I used oreos to make the “dirt” look and used two cupcakes on top of a regular cake to create “mounds”. It was a hit!!!

We ended with opening up all his presents !!!

DDD has already started planning his next party…..

It is always such a joy to see DDD with all his friends.

I am so thankful for the love and joy that friendship brings.

God Bless,


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