Colds…and a little snow! Juggling life…

*** I thought I posted this blog yesterday but in my state of delirium I forgot to press “publish”****

Do you ever wonder how mom bloggers get a chance to blog? I always do, especially if I know them and how busy they are. Thanks to the wonderful ability to “set” a time for my blog to be “published”….many of you lovely people think that I am posting around 8am when I frollick out of bed. Not the case. I hate to burst your “ideal” bubble, but most likely its anywhere between 11:00pm-1:30am when I have my “wind down” time. I have a continual list of things that I want to blog about but for some reason I can’t always find the time to get to them between my 5 children, homeschooling, and having a spouse. haha.

mom picThis is me today. No joke. Except….I don’t even have the energy to be standing. I’m writing this as I lay on the couch with a heating pad on my neck, a cup of tea on a tray, and my laptop on my lap. Thus…a blog on a friday afternoon since I need to feel like I can cross something off on my list of things to do.

So….let’s talk about the last few weeks and what’s been going on here.

SNOW! SNOW! and more snow!

Two sisters SUPER excited to go sledding together!
“cheese”….she’s so darn cute

Miss Missy had not been out in the snow yet this season and was so eager. (as you can see…she is wearing her sister’s snow gloves. The cute pink ones that I bought her….were not good enough.) Seeing as though she hates the outdoors, I was wondering how long it would take before she came back in.

IMG_3908IMG_3909I sent her and Sweet Pea out the side entrance so I could watch her play. Yep…this is the only picture I have of her playing in the snow. Right about here, she gets a small bit of snow that slips in between her boot and her pants and its all over…10 minutes on the clock….multiple tears rolling down her face. “Mom…me no like snow!”

IMG_3551Luckily, a little hot chocolate makes everyone feel better.

I’m so thankful for boot trays that collect all that snow that lovingly comes with multiple trips out in the cold stuff. I think the kiddos must have gone out at least once a day after their schoolwork was done.

On top of that….we got a round of pink eye.

Yep…that was a first in this house.


IMG_3827Yep…started with Sweet Pea right after her piano recital on a Sunday. She was happily quarantined to her room for the next full day. No schoolwork….. just a day of kindle games and a tray full of here’s-your-food-so-you-don’t-call-for-me-soon. I may have slipped her a large bowl of ice cream about mid-afternoon secretly wishing I could lock myself up in my room.

** As for the other kids, I danced them around the kitchen and living room singing “Just a spoonful of sugar” from the movie Mary Poppins…our song ended in the kitchen where I had five spoons of chocolate frosting waiting…yep…sometimes I LOVE my job!!!****

IMG_3832Miss Missy was quickly quarantined the next morning when I saw her rubbing her eyes. Luckily for me, she was just rubbing her eyes since she had just woke up for the morning. Although, she was very excited about using the pack n play so I was able to get a bunch of schoolwork done before she complained too much. Score!

IMG_3926Unfortunately, Mini Me was NOT spared and managed to get pink eye followed by a pretty nasty cold. She’s my “high maintenance” kid. Everyone has one or more kids that NEED them ALL the time. This is THAT child in my house. Being sick….is complete and utter torture for her. She is so blessed that I could just spend all day cuddling with her so it was a win/win situation. She required constant attention and cuddling. I managed to get a small break and painted her nails. This seemed to help with making her feel better. Doesn’t everyone love a coat of hot pink to help with feeling sick?

What about Dirty Dog D? Well…countless boxes of zappos shoes, and amazon prime subscribe and save boxes helped keep him busy in this house of illness and drama.

IMG_3943He constructed a robot to hang out in the basement with him. He had originally tried to make a robot on his roller blades but when the robot kept falling over….he opted to change to his snow boots.

his poor attempt at a robot on roller blades…..

DDD never stops in the humor department. The kid is a constant comedian. Check out his “eye” that he made to make himself a minion for the day. I only wish I could attach the video of his sounds. haha.

IMG_3898After several restless nights of trying to sleep through the loud coughing of mini me and eventually finding her knee in my back after sneaking into my bed…I thought we were done with illness.

Until about two days ago, when I woke up feeling terrible.


I love all the meme’s that are out there about women getting sick and how we never actually “get” a sick day. I spent the last few days with a nasty head cold and a terrible chest cough that has made sleep difficult. I’m trying to convince my children to stay far away from me but obviously I spent most of the day cuddling with the four year old and begging the 2 yr old to get “off my neck” that no…I couldn’t give “horsey rides” today!!!

I love this cartoon. It’s so true!!! haha. (At least from my kid’s perspective.) When my husband feels sick, the kids say, “let’s make daddy some breakfast for him in bed!” They stroll in with the ipad set to let him watch endless amazon prime movies. One child toting a loving mug of his coffee. You can almost hear the song “Amazing Grace” playing in the background. (This might have a tiny bit of exaggeration…..a TINY bit..)

When I announce how bad I feel, they lower their standards…”Mom….you don’t have to make pancakes. We will just take scrambled eggs with cheese, bacon, and a slice of toast. Get better, mom!” I might get one of them to lovingly snuggle with me….but only if there is a remote in one hand as I place on a show for them.

I’m hoping that today gets better. I had some great plans for this weekend and getting sick was NOT on the agenda. I will say that my little Sweet Pea has definitely been taking some lessons from her momma on how to take care of people. When I came down this morning, as the hubs let me sleep in, She greeted me with a nice cup of tea and offered to make me a bagel. Then I heard the beautiful sounds of her unloading the dishwasher and putting away dishes.

Thank you, Lord for Sweet Pea.

This couldn’t have come at a worst time for the hubs. Work has slammed him with the beginning of the year sales push and he has just been under a lot of pressure. Amidst tons of work, the hubs also took one for the team and grabbed some pizza for dinner. He did his best to corral the troops in the basement and keep them far away from me so I could try and get some rest.

DDD….didn’t get the memo as he sang LOUDLY from his ipod shuffle and could clearly be heard banging on his drums downstairs.

The littles just don’t like to see me sick. They have been laying on me all day….lots of kisses on my cheek…lots of “mom…are you sick?” Endless questions about nothing…..

I could do without the tattling….and endless arguing…

….but….that’s kids right??!!

Praying to find the right medication to reduce this head pressure. Lord knows…I need a break. I was suppose to be going on a girls’ weekend!!!! Lord…grant me patience and inner peace.

God Bless,


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