Butterflies…and other simple things.

I love spring. It is my absolute favorite time of year. There is just something awesome about feeling the warm sun against your back with warm soil running through your fingers and working in a garden.

photo 4 photo 1(3)Looks like I will be getting some strawberries this year!

I am nursing a terrible cold but was eager to get my vegetable garden boxes tilled and ready for some planting.  Planting my garden is such a big joy for me every year. I love the theme of “new life” that the spring brings with it.

Seeing as though we only have about 2 weeks of school left, The kiddos have become very antsy and need to get outdoors everyday.  So after a quick lunch, we made our way outside. The kiddos were so excited to tear outside…..within minutes there were chalk people covering the driveway and street and balls of various sizes laying on the grass. There were bikes laying around the driveway….and roller blades on the bottom of the steps. Kids have the ability to race through tons of different games and activities in just an hour.

Ahhhhh…and I love it!!!!!

Not so much the mess….but the joy that being outside brings to the soul. Feeling the wind blow your hair and the warmth of the sun. Being able to spend hours running around without a care in the world….

Mini Me was dressed in a cute little sundress today. I watched as she ran in circles around the yard today…her face was full of pure delight! Then I realized that she was chasing a butterfly. She chased that poor butterfly for 10 minutes on the clock. Twice that butterfly flew right at her face and I watched in delight as she jumped backward and giggled. Then…the chase started up again. She looked like she was having so much fun, that she managed to get the attention of two of her other sisters who joined in the chase. Three little girls in sundresses, laughing and running around.

It really did look something like this….

Chasing Butterflies

and it made my heart soar…..

giggling……childish laughter…….

No lectures about wasting time in front of the tv….

No worries about Ipad or IPOD usage…..

just pure fun….just pure imaginative play…..

I’m so thankful for these little moments that I am able to be a part of.

Thank you Lord for the simple reminder that sometimes less is more.

Thank you for showing me that sometimes I need to slow down…..unplug….. and see how much I need to chase the butterflies around me.

God bless,


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