Double digits for Sweet Pea!

Can’t believe that our Sweet Pea turned 10 last week!

birthday breakfast! homemade waffles with whipped cream and strawberries!

This kid has such a big and generous heart that you can’t help but want to spoil her and show her how important her life is to all who love her.

IMG_5063What a goof!

This was her the morning of her birthday. As I put her to bed the night before, she chuckled and said…”don’t forget my birthday signs. You know how much I love to see what you are going to put up.”

This beautiful girl is always so excited and thrilled by any plans that are made for her. She’s the perfect gift receiver as she makes everyone feel so great about what they get her. She just truly loves when people think of her.

This was her favorite sign…..

IMG_5064And not surprising as since she was little….she wanted to be Rachael Ray…..

last year’s homemade german chocolate cake she made!!!

and then started making “tablescapes” like Sandra lee…

and then became obsessed with Masterchef!

So…when it came time for a present, her dad booked our little “foodie” dinner at Gordon Ramsey in London in Hells Kitchen, NY.

She had no idea where she was going when we left Tuesday afternoon. She just knew that it involved her getting dressed up and the other children getting a babysitter.

A day trip with mom and dad.…priceless!

That was enough to make her giddy.

her first NY cab experience!
her first NY cab experience!

She was so giddy. When we were in the taxi, she said, “Dad…can I swipe your credit card? this is sooo cool.” It’s funny that you forget all the little things that are “cool” to a 10 yr old. =)

IMG_5007We arrived! Standing outside the restaurant….can you tell how she can’t contain herself. (love this girl!)

IMG_5009IMG_5013She will always be his “angel”. This picture is one of my favorites I have ever taken. It really captures the sheer joy that the hubs brings to Sweet Pea, and how much of his heart, she holds.

IMG_5011Cheers to being 10! She had her first “muddled” fruit spritzer. Talk about feeling like a “big kid”.

Sweet Pea was quite shocked at the lack of menu. She didn’t realize that in “nice places” the menu is usually about a page long…unless you are looking at wine menu. =) However, if you give her any meal that involves a steak…she is in heaven.

And yep….this is where I post the pictures of our delicious food while you make your reservations….hahaha. We decided to just grab a couple of entrees and sides and share everything.

IMG_5019Ta-da! Drum roll please.…..this was totally on my bucket list for life! I needed to try a Beef Wellington from a Gordon Ramsey restaurant…and it was delicious!!!! This was a meal for 2 so Sweet Pea and I shared this!

IMG_5015This was the hubs NY strip steak garnished with some type of caviar. I’m not a fan of caviar, but the cook on that steak was exceptional. I’m not afraid to admit that I ate a portion of that steak in addition to my wellington.

IMG_5018What kid wouldn’t order fries topped with three different kinds of cheeses???!!! and I would be a terrible mom if I didn’t “test” them for her!

IMG_5017Wish I had a great picture for this phenomenal side!!! It was a scallop risotto. Now…seeing as soooo many contestants on Hell’s Kitchen destroyed their risottos…this was another “bucket list” item for me…..check that one off….fabulous!

IMG_5016Roasted brussel sprouts…awesome.

Thankfully, we had plenty “to go” for lunch the next day.

We needed to save room for dessert!

IMG_5024I wish I had a close up picture of that chocolate concoction in front of me, but between Sweet Pea and I …it was gone in NO TIME!

IMG_5028They brought her a birthday message along with some raspberry sorbert. As she is taking a calligraphy class, she was super impressed with the writing!

IMG_5029The hubs ordered this apple upside down cake with a maple pear ice cream. I think I might have caught him licking the plate after it…haha

Then…off to visit Time Square and show Sweet Pea some sites!

IMG_5030Time Square!

IMG_5033Acting like tourists!!!!

Only the “best dad ever” would insist on walking through the 5 floors of the Forever 21 store and getting her a more “comfortable outfit” to walk Time Square in….love that man!

IMG_5034I wish I got a picture of her face when her Dad showed up in Forever 21 with a nautical navy striped shirt and matching leggings that he had picked out for her. Her look…..utter excitement and appreciation.

Dads out there…..there is nothing more attractive than a dad that honors his daughter by showing her how well he knows her. Sweet Pea insisted that she could walk Time Square in these…

IMG_5043So her dad bought them…..but suggested that they get these to walk Time Square…

IMG_5039What a great day to enjoy some quality time with my girl!

One of the many reasons that I blog is so that I have these precious “moments” captured. That Sweet Pea can look back on these moments and just feel loved.

Sweet Pea….we love you.

We are so grateful for your life.

10 years of making us proud to be your parents!!!

God bless,


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  • Joanne says:

    They featured Chef Ramsey’s Beef wellington on an episode of Master Chef Kid edition (they made the kids make it). I’ve thought about it ever since. It looked delicious. What a fun idea!

  • Alisa says:

    Such GREAT ideas.. Our oldest (of Five) will be 10 in July. We’ve talked about getting her ears pierced. But your ideas go ABOVE and BEYOND! Thank you so much. Sometimes I just get wrapped up in the days.. ya know.. getting through them. (a surprise pregnancy with number six has had me feeling rather.. overwhelmed). Thanks again. I’m going to start planning for July! 🙂

  • Jennifer says:

    What a great day! Great pictures too. I may have some old calligraphy paper for her to have fun with, will try to remember to bring it next week. 🙂