Greatest tip ever…..Peapod!!!!

So..I am happily sitting here at my laptop with the next two weeks groceries in my fridge and cabinets and …I NEVER left my house.

I took the picture above this afternoon with Mini me. This little girl is a riot. She was convinced that the delivery man “blessed” us with all this food. She kept saying “How does he know we love this? ….he got applesauce????…I love applesauce!!!!!”

How is this possible??? (No ..I didn’t hire a personal assistant)

It’s the wonder of >>>>PEAPOD.

Now listen….I HATE grocery shopping. Even more…I can’t avoid it. The little people here need to eat. The only thing worst than having to grocery shop is sending the hubby to grocery shop

he’s a budget blower and…he always gets yummy treats that I love.

So…I found out about this little gem and…

I’m hooked, baby!!! I’m not looking back!!! (insert evil laugh)

*** I will say that this is not a paid endorsement. I am not getting paid to write this blog...I mean..if someone WANTS to pay me for endorsing something I love you can…..I just LOVE when I have found something I love and have to share about it****

So….what’s this all about???

Well…it’s an online grocery delivery service for Giant food. You simply “browse” though the online “aisles” and select the foods that you want to purchase. You can select the quantity and watch yourself create a grocery list on the right side. The site lists the weekly specials, and also has printable coupons. The delivery fee was $7.95 and it also enables you to leave a tip for the driver.

I mean….you can find countless codes for free delivery and $15 or $20 off your first order at retailmenot…but…really $8.00??!!!

That delivery fee is SOOOOO worth getting it delivered to your door!!!

You decide what day and time you want it delivered. You pay for your groceries online and can have coupons waiting to hand to your delivery person to “credit” your account. In addition, the peapod delivery person will bring the groceries right into your house….just don’t expect them to unload them. haha.

So….are you tempted?

Here’s another few reasons you need to do this:

  • don’t want it to be delivered??? you can also get free pickup at certain area Giant stores. Order online and schedule a pickup at your local store. You simply pull up and they will load them in your car for you.
  • are you sick? or home with a little sick one but need to go grocery shopping? stay in your pajamas and get your groceries ordered. Better yet…cuddle with the little one while you order. haha.
  • do you know someone who is physically disabled or can’t get out to get their own groceries? this would be a great resource for them or you could offer to “pick up” their groceries for them. They could order them and you could pick them up.
  • are you trying to stay on a budget? then this site is for you!!! Take the time to really plan for your grocery shop. Plan your menu and then order your groceries. You can see the running total,as you order, and you can make changes if you are over or too close to your food budget.
  • are you on a diet or trying to make healthier food choices? Stick to your food menus and make your choices. No last minute candy purges or bakery goods “calling your name”. No shopping when you are hungry to ruin your diet. I know, right??!! So great!
  • is your spouse out of town? yep…no schlepping kids across town to grocery shop. Thanks, peapod!
  • is your schedule just crazy hectic? baseball, gymnastics, and other afterschool activities? Schedule a delivery for right before dinner and then add a frozen pizza to your order. Make sure you have taken care of those lunches for the kiddos and all the ingredients for the “bake sale” for school too!

But…don’t take my word for it….try it!!!

You will NOT regret it.

The biggest “success” for me was unloading my groceries without the fatigue that I normally experience after shopping. I had that extra energy and time to cut up all my veggies for snacks; rinse my fruit and really review my menu for the week.

I’m so thankful for one less errand in my week….and for healthier eating!

God bless,


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