Mommy Phrases I hope go out with 2013!

So I saw a post recently on Facebook that was about “phrases or sayings that we use that should stay behind with 2013”. Of course, this got my “mommy brain” working and I quickly started thinking about daily “sayings” that come up in my house that I would like to see “stay behind” with 2013.

So…here we go.

These are in no particular order…they ALL ANNOY me equally…hahaha.

Please pick up your wet towel, and hang it in the bathroom!

Why is there toothpaste on the floor?

Who left the van door open? You better pray the van starts this morning!

Seriously??!! Don’t talk with your mouth full of food!

I love you too but…. can you please go play?

Listen, go to the bathroom…wash your hands. It’s really simple….

Listen…mommy HAS to take a shower!

So WHO opened the gate and let the toddler in the kitchen?

How hard is it to flush the toliet??!!!

What do you mean by “my tummy hurts”??!! Like…I might throw up or..I ate too much food??

What were you thinking getting in the van without shoes?! I have errands to run….

That’s fine if you don’t like it….the rule is that you have to at least take a bite.

Please tell me there is a pacifer SOMEWHERE in this van??!!!

These totally make me laugh as I recount the numerous times this year I have used these phrases. 2014….you better be good to this momma!!!!

God bless,


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  • Susan says:

    We must be twins!! I say ALL of those things WAY too often!! Being here always puts a smile on my face! BTW – LOVE the new look of your blog, it’s fantastic!!

  • tammim1010 says:

    Susan…thanks so much. I LOVE when you comment…it makes me feel like we are having a beer and “hanging out”..haha. Rub that beautiful belly for me!!!! =) God bless.