St. Cecilia…pray for us!

St. Cecilia

St. Cecilia….patron saint of music..pray for us!

Here are a few way to celebrate her feast day:

  1. Tell the story of St. Cecilia!
  2. Have a dance party! These are BOUND to happen almost daily but this one will be planned. What a great way to remind our children about the joy of music and what it does to our hearts.
  3. Attend a concert. My daughter has been taking piano for a few years and my son just started guitar. This would be a great day to have them give our family a small concert. Taking out small maracas or tambourines help the little kids get involved.
  4. Coloring Pages! I love to let my kids color pictures of saints. Often times, this is a great opportunity to pull out the watercolor paints and let them use a different kind of media. Catholic Heritage Curricula has a few beautiful coloring pages on their website. I couldn’t get the image of their St. Cecilia picture but you can find it here.
  5. Recognize friends or family who have her namesake. My little niece has been named after St. Cecilia. Today we will give her a call and recognize today as her “feast day”.
  6. Have a special treat/food for the occasion. These treats by Lacy at Catholic Icing are awesome. Seeing as my kids have had enough “halloween candy” for a while, we might try and do something similar with club crackers and cheese sticks.

Happy Friday!

God Bless,


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