Mini Me’s Art Party!!!

Happy Birthday Mini Me!!!!!

Mini Me turned 4 last week….

avianna 4Man, where has the time gone???!!

I remember when she looked like this….

baby aviannaHard to believe my little girl is growing up….

unless ….you get her angry and then you get a good dose of yummy 4 yr old “goodness”….(all you parents of 3/4 yr olds know what I mean)

“I’m going to savor these moments….”

Yep…I keep that thought on automatic repeat when she is having a meltdown about how I don’t “listen to her” or how the show she just watched wasn’t “her show” but the choice of her baby sister…..who was in the next room playing…

Oh, the joys of being a toddler…

IMG_2519And with that….I needed to plan a little party for this lady.

After brainstorming for a while, we came up with the idea of an art party. She was only having a total of 8 people at her party so we figured this would be easy to facilitate.

Now…I like to throw a good party…but I don’t like to spend a lot of money nor do I go “all out” for my kids. I’m not doing a magazine spread so no need for anything really overdone. Pinterest is a great resource for quick ideas. You can pick and choose ideas from what other people have done. Hands down…my favorite resource for everything that I plan.

This was my “inspiration” pin…
Colorful ART themed party with SO many awesome ideas!! FREE PRINTABLES! Via Kara's Party Ideas 2

I mean….wow!!!

This was my “inspiration”….but I was going to take it down a few hundred notches.

I mean…

No way, I was going to pull that off with my procrastinating “let’s do a party in five days”.

Let’s start with the cake…

 Instead of trying to pull off a cute cupcake, I just stuck with a boxed cake and let her “make a masterpiece” on the top.
Let the art start early!!!!IMG_2604

* disclaimer: this is a “real” blog with “real” messes. Yep…that’s a back counter covered with all the “party crap” that I’m assembling and working on….

Well..back to Pinterest for more inspiration since all I had was a cake at this point…..

I found this “automatic download” by Tasha of whimsicledesign on etsy. It was perfect!

Rainbow Art Paint Party Collection - Instant Download - DIY Printable - Tags, Cupcake Wrappers, Straw Flags, Table Tents

This was it! A great way to start my creative juices flowing….

IMG_2596I used the “every child is an artist” table tent and framed it for my kids’ coloring table above.

IMG_2597I found these great little coloring pages online that replicate Van Gogh’s painting, The Bedroom.

Use precut letters on canvas then kids paint around it and peel off- Paint party

Yep! I could totally pull that off!! And the “placemat” from the instant download made for a great table tent.

IMG_2618I got each child a medium canvas and used masking tape to make their initial on the canvas. I provided each child with an art palette, brush, and washable paints that I purchased in a pack from Walmart.

IMG_2625Mini Me loved it.

IMG_2624The Fashionista was happy to join in the fun.

I also found some adorable art smocks from the local dollar tree and placed them on their seats. You can see the hot pink one that Mini Me is wearing in the picture.

IMG_2636Their finished products…..awaiting the time when they are dry and they can remove the tape to reveal their initials.

The “starving artist” food tabs were perfect for our grub:

We served “nuggets of inspiration”

IMG_2630“Painter’s chips”

IMG_2613“Paint balls”

IMG_2614“Painter’s tape”

IMG_2615and some “creative juices”

IMG_2617The food was finished pretty quickly and we moved on to cake and some ice cream.

IMG_2610She’s was so happy with her little “masterpiece”. A nice little number 4 candle from Walmart topped it off well.

Next was pinata time!!!

IMG_2637Mini Me and her sisters worked hard stuffing this for her guests. We hit the local Walmart’s party section for this cute pinata and picked up:

  • bracelets
  • small rubber bugs and worms
  • fancy dress up rings
  • whistles
  • ring pops

* we also used some leftover halloween candy to stuff the remainder.

Each child also left with one of these cute “goodie bags”. Thanks to Kelly at KelliNichollsDesigns I was able to purchase some great favor tags.

Art Birthday Party Favor Tag, $8.00- For A's paint party

IMG_2612 I found these colorful totes from Walmart and filled them with a fruit roll up (painter’s tape) and watercolor paint. The kids also put the “goods” from the pinata in these bags as well.

This art party came together very quickly and was such a success!

Hope you enjoyed the tour of our party.

God Bless,


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