Embracing silence….

Every lent I feel like God works on a different part of my spiritual walk. This year was no different. Not that my Lenten seasons before were not fruitful or productive but I felt that God was honoring my desire to go a little “deeper” this year.

After reading about St. Teresa of Avila, and her interior castle, The Lord knew that I was looking to explore deeper rooms in my interior castle.

I wanted to be closer to Him. 

When I sat in prayer contemplating my Lenten plan, I heard God say very clearly that for Lent I was suppose to give up idle noise…and embrace little periods of silence.

What does that mean?

How is that going to change me as a person?

What will I say when people ask what I gave up for Lent? Will I be embarrassed by my little gesture?

Is that enough?

All those thoughts came creeping in.

But the Holy Spirit brings conviction not condemnation.

As I prayed with this new venture, I knew that the Lord was asking me to do something different in my prayer journey.

Over the past year, the Lord has been creating a Spirit of Obedience in me. He has been showing me how obedience pleases Him, even if I don’t fully understand the why behind His Ways. He just gives His permission to ask the How……

So I prayed for the practical applications of this Lenten sacrifice, and like our Lord always does… he provided.

There would be times that I went to turn on the radio by myself, and I would hear Him say, “Talk to me.”

I would be in the middle of watching a netflix show, and He would call me into a moment of silence.

The children would often come over to me sitting on the couch and say “Are you ok, mom?”…..they were beginning to notice how often these little quiet moments would happen throughout my day.

Head tilted back, eyes closed…clearing my mind…..

Each moment of silence would fill me with peace….like breathing out a deep sense of relief.

Often times the Lord would place someone on my heart to text or call…..

Sometimes he would build upon a bible verse or spiritual truth I had been working on.

He showed me, very clearly, how much I need more silence.

How our constant “background noise”……. silences Him.

I was begging him to talk to me and then putting on spiritual headphones to drown out His voice.

All the great podcasts I was listening to, all the praise worship that I belted out and the beautiful lyrics that filled the car were only a distraction if I wasn’t truly listening to the voice of my Creator.

I had been begging him to “talk to me” and his response was to spend time in silence so I could hear His voice.

Our God is a God of peace……He speaks into the peace of our hearts.

We each have an “interior castle” or “cell” where we can go to be with God more intimately. He awaits us there.

st. catherine

Spend some time today contemplating how you can add silence into your week.

We need moments of silence.

Take a walk………in silence.

Sit outside….or on a park bench…..in silence.

Observe the beauty of nature around you……in silence.

Be with the Creator in a place that beckons your soul, and draws you into the wonder of creation.

“And when my heart is overwhelmed, lead me to the rock that is higher than I.”

landscape view

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