Wisdom 2016…..

President’s Day……I had “big plans” for this day. I was going to be lounging around in my pajama pants, and watching countless hours of my favorite shows on Netflix after banging out a few chores. I’m not going to lie and say that won’t happen…but the Lord derailed my plans a bit.


It started with my scripture study today. It was from Wisdom 6: 7-9

“For the Lord of all shows no partiality, nor does he fear greatness. Because he himself made the great as well as the small, and he provides for all alike; but for those in power a rigorous scrutiny impends. To you, therefore, O princes, are my words addressed that you may earn wisdom and not sin.”

Seriously, Lord. You are guiding me through the book of Wisdom on President’ Day with an impending election looming???!!! Nicely played, Lord…..”Speak, Lord..your servant is listening”. “But for those in power a rigorous scrutiny impends”??!!! Are you trying to tell me that I should be scrutinizing these candidates for election?

Because…well…I don’t do that. In fact….I’m totally ignorant of politics.

I’m completely embarrassed to admit that…but it’s the truth.

And….I know that I’m not the minority…I’m probably in the majority. Surrounded by others, like myself, who don’t take the time to watch the debates; to read their “political plans”; and see what “change” they have decided is important to America. I’m more interested in the latest Jimmy Falcon lip sync challenge or who won the Food Network Baking Challenge. All things that don’t require me to really challenge myself….or require any work on my part. I’m not made to review world issues or contemplate what is really “happening” in our world.

How embarrassing and sad…and a slap in the face to those who have fought for our freedom and those past Presidents who have made America strong.

How can we sit by and not take an active role in assisting those who choose to better our country? How is it, that we do not fully “know” what each candidate is offering, whether good or bad? We are no different than the annoying office co-worker who wants no part in making the decisions for the office party and yet complains about how crappy the party is.  I mean, really??!!

Well…I’ve had enough.

Mini Me and I

This picture shows what I mean….it’s crazy. =)

Enough of being ignorant and allowing the media to influence my decisions or my views. Enough of hoping that “others” will make the right decision in voting or having someone that I “respect” give me insight into the candidates.

Starting today….I’m going to take back my right to be informed and make strong decisions regarding the next President of the United States.

I need to be able to select a candidate and stand behind them just as much as I am willing to give my reviews and critiques of the newest Amazon purchase that I have made.

Let’s become stronger Americans…not just because of who we elect, but because of the person we become while backing our candidate. As Christians, let’s not look at what divides us, but that which unites us. Let’s try to stand behind a candidate that values the ideals and morals that this country  was founded on and that we are instilling in our own homes.


Let’s shout “One Nation Under God” once again!!! Let’s stand in line to vote like we stand in line for the newest iphone. Let’s remember that voting wasn’t always a right for all of us, and that we can’t take it for granted.

Let’s stop thinking “it’s just one vote” but let’s start thinking “how can I get more people to vote like I am”? “How can I remind people how important it is to vote?

Well, I’m a conservative and a republican. Here are the candidates for the 2016 Presidential election and the direct links for their views on the current issues:

Senator Marco Rubio

Donald Trump

Senator Ted Cruz

Dr. Ben Carson

Gov. John Kasich

Gov. Jeb Bush

Conservative Review of the Candidates

***** One of my viewers asked me to include the Democratic Party candidates. I do think it is important for us to recognize their view on certain major issues and be ready to speak to their “viewpoints”.*********

Bernie Sanders

Hilary Clinton

Roque “Rocky” De La Fuente

Please…take the time to be informed. Pray for wisdom in voting.

Pray for wisdom for our leaders!!

God Bless America!!!

God bless,



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