An Ode to Christmas….

Ode to the holidays…. “Parting is such sweet sorrow…….”

  • Goodbye empty desks and empty backpacks, hello syllabi and workbooks.
  • Goodbye cute Christmas pajamas, hello yoga pants and sweatshirts…..a slight improvement.
  • Goodbye old worn out slippers that I even wore to Target….I shall see you again….but only on Saturdays.
  • Goodbye bright Christmas tree…well….not goodbye yet since you are currently creating “light” for my living room since we have successfully blown out all the light bulbs in our ceiling fan…
  • Goodbye 9 and 10 am mornings….hello 6:30am….you are a miserable hour…hahaha.
  • Goodbye Christmas cookies for breakfast…..hello Shakeology and veggie omelets.
  • Goodbye to Christmas days with family, chasing my diabetic father out of the kitchen and hiding all the “junk” in the pantry….hello to playing “hide and seek” and discovering where we hid all the food.
  • Goodbye precious red balls of Lindor truffles in my stocking, ….until we meet again on Valentine’s Day……..
  • Goodbye Hallmark Christmas movie marathons…..I will miss the “feel good” kisses and the joys of giving at Christmas. Hello….walking dead. How quickly life returns to a zombie apocalypse….hahaha
  • Goodbye little Barbie shoes and lego parts under my tree, tomorrow you shall either end up in my vacuum canister or carefully in your newly organized bins.
  • Goodbye adorable Advent wreath with your short, stubby pink and purple candles….until next Advent when I remember on that first night that I forgot to replace your candles…..
  • Goodbye endless family game nights……pie face will forever reign as the “go to” game for Christmas fun.
  • Goodbye gazillion black trash bags of wrapping paper at the end of my driveway….hello happy trash men.
  • Goodbye amazon packages waiting at my front door….til next Christmas!
  • Goodbye beautiful hand-written Christmas cards in my mailbox….your arrival is always met with squeals of delight with all the beautiful faces of blessed family and friends.
  • Goodbye aisles of candy canes and Christmas ornaments, … are ALREADY replaced by Valentine’s hearts and candy. Oy vey…..
  • Goodbye crazy lit up “competing” neighborhoods of Christmas lights,…back to just competing over who has the greener grass.

It’s so hard to say goodbye to one of my favorite seasons in the Church. May you and your family receive Christ’s peace as He lays in the manger of your hearts. Happy 2016….may it greet you with many blessings!!!

God bless,


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