Valentine’s Day….teaching our son “respect”

Saturday morning, my family woke up to the smell of sausage and pancakes….

Pink, heart pancakes…..


Making a big breakfast on holidays is one of my favorite “gifts” to my family. We love to gather around a festive table, enjoy good food, and fabulous company. It’s a wonderful way to slooooooooooowwwwwww down and look around at the love that surrounds our table.


But, our family doesn’t need Valentine’s Day to express our love for each other. We are often hugging, cuddling, and telling each other how we feel. It’s not something that came naturally for me. It was something that I experienced through watching my husband’s interactions with his family. I have often told my husband that one of the things that attracted me to him was watching him interact with his mom and sisters. I wanted to feel that same freedom in loving. I wanted to be loved by him like his sisters were. I could tell, by the love and respect that he showed his sisters, that whomever had his heart would be truly loved. I consider myself blessed to be that lady.

Yesterday, I was using my husband’s Iphone, and I found this text message from Valentine’s Day 2013 to his sisters:

” Each of you have been such an amazing witness of Motherhood and have helped form me in how to treat a lady. I don’t know how many times a day people will tell me its obvious that I have lots of sisters. “

It made me smile as I realized that that is exactly what I want for my son. One day, I would like to think that he would write a beautiful message like this to his sisters. We are trying to teach him to love his sisters….to respect the little ladies that occupy our home….to learn early what it means to honor a lady.


Valentine's Day 2012
Valentine’s Day 2012

Respect is something that you are taught. It is a character trait that is instilled in you as a young child. I can expect my son and daughters to look at an adult when they are being addressed, because I taught them to. I can expect him to open doors for ladies, and protect women, because…we taught him that.  My son WILL grow up honoring women, because….we taught him to.

image  image

Valentine’s Day is a day when DDD gets to do just that. His dad takes him to the store and he gets to pick out some little “gifts” for the ladies in his life. He reminds my husband and I every year about this tradition. It’s something that he loves. It started with an idea that we had, but he possessed it. It became his tradition….and Here he is, obviously giddy with excitement.


He calls his sisters into the room to present them each with a beautiful rose. They sit, patiently waiting, to see what he has gotten them. As a parent, it’s a beautiful exchange of love to witness your children do for each other.


And if the roses weren’t enough, he then reveals the large box of chocolates that he picked up too.The squeals of delight, the quick hugs of excitement! It’s an amazing thing to behold.

Thankfully, he has been training by one of the best gift-givers.

These were my “spoils” from the hubs. He has taught DDD well!


But let’s be honest….Valentine’s just one day. Valentine’s Day is just one day that we roll out the flowers and chocolates. However, true love and respect is shown daily. Thankfully, I am in a relationship/marriage full of mutual respect, passion and love. My son learns some of his biggest lessons just being in our home everyday.

We have to teach our spouses, and our children to respect us and each other. My prayer is that my son will continue to grow in virtue, respect and honor. In the meantime, I will continue to place “teachable lessons” in his path!

I hope you had a Happy Valentine’s Day!

God Bless,


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