Christmas Tree shopping!!

My blog might be quiet…but it’s not for lack of action over here. We are “knee deep” in enjoying our Advent celebrations and traditions.

Finding our Christmas tree is one of our favorites. When my two oldest were young, we would just hit the local parish’s Christmas tree lot and drop $40, sometimes $60, on a Christmas tree. We would just pick one that looked “decent” and have the men help us tie it to the roof of our car. It was a 20 minute “on the way home” kinda errand.

Well…you can imagine our shear joy when we moved to our new home, five years ago, and found out that two streets over, there was a Christmas tree farm. It is a family-run farm with just the sweetest old man who passes out hot chocolate, candy canes, and coloring books to the kiddos.

After visiting our first tree farm, we fell in love with the experience!!!

If you haven’t been…I highly recommend it.  There is just something about running through a nursery of trees and picking out THAT ONE that will stand in your home.

Here is our family getting ready to begin our adventure……

Coats, hats, gloves….and ready to nab a beautiful tree!


Dad grabs a colorful “tie” from the owner and gets ready for the inspection. He is the resident “tree expert”. Then, the kids will break off into pairs and then go in hunt for a tree.

Then…it begins….the echoing of “Found it! I found the perfect tree!!”

The hubs and I walk from tree to tree examining the kids’ choices and looking for a tree that is pretty full.

After several examinations, DDD found our tree this year! He did great!


And finally a “We found it” picture!

 Around the time of this picture, we were ready to climb into a warm van and get home!


Can’t wait to see this tree all “fancy”!!!


Stay tuned for more pics of our decorated tree!

God bless,


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