Because I’m thankful….


How do you say “thank you” when a simple note isn’t enough?

Well…I guess you try and think of the ultimate “loveletter” for that person.

My life is full of blessings. There are so any things that I am thankful for….However, today’s post is about my amazing daughter, Sweet Pea.

When my husband started a new job in August, we were really not sure how it would change our home environment… But we have found that these initial orientation months are requiring more travel and longer work days. The housework still needs to be done. All the errands and activities continue just without another adult in the home. Saying that it can get overwhelming is an understatement. And… that’s where Sweet Pea comes in! From making dinner for her siblings; reviewing flash cards with the toddler; and making me hot cups of tea, she is truly been a blessing to me.

dress up 2014

She has such an amazing heart and can always tell when I’m at my breaking point. I can’t tell you the number of times that she has taken it upon herself to make lunch for the kiddos so I could finish a grocery list or gotten one of the littles dressed so I could grab a shower.

She was on my heart a lot when I was feeling especially sick this past Friday. Her cousin had asked her to spend the night for some much needed “girl time” and I was more than happy to see her go.

She had definitely earned it.

As I thought about that, I decided to surprise her upon her return.

What could I do for her that would be a “relief” for her?

Which brought about this…..


The reorganizing and cleaning of her closet……

This closet NEEDED to be tackled soooo bad, however, I knew she had no idea where to start.

As the oldest, she always needs a new seasonal wardrobe….it’s just hard to tell exactly what she needs since her closet had various sizes in it.  Just looking in it, it seemed as though she had plenty of clothes, however, I knew her closet needed to be purged.

One trash bag later…and two bags of clothes later for the basement storage, it was done!!!

Then after the closet I moved on to her bed…


I changed her sheets, febrezed her mattress, scrubbed her headboard, and remade it with her favorite quilt.

Then, I vacuumed her room and lit one of my favorite Yankie Candles to fill her room with a sweet clean smell.

Then I pulled out a new journal I had bought her…..and wrote her a little note. (pictured above)

Words can not tell you enough how proud I am of you and the great help you are to me. So I thought, maybe I can show you. I hope you enjoy your ” newly organized” room. Thanks again for all you do.

Love, Mommy

If you have someone like this in your life, celebrate them this week……

It’s a great time of year to be “thankful” for those tremendous blessings in our life.

Have a blessed week!

God bless,


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