Tip Tuesday: 7 lessons

7 Lessons from the past few days……

Let’s do this…..=)

Dancing brings joy to the soul. At the beginning of this week, my husband grabbed my hand, while I was in the kitchen, and danced me around to some tunes on his ipod. It is definitely one of my love languages. I love dancing with the hubs…especially close.  It’s one thing to break down to hip hop with the littles, and a whole other ballgame when the hubs pulls you in for a “Remind me”. haha.

Absence doesn’t always make the heart grow fonder. I’ve been purging about 5-7 toys/items from my kids bins in our school room for the past few days. The kids have yet to ask for anything in the bag…..they have until friday and then the bag hits goodwill. I’m really hoping to move into the basement with this method. The kids, themselves, will purge their toys before Christmas.

The mind of a child is cool and fascinating. I love to sneak into my school room and listen to Mini Me or Miss Missy playing Barbies. I love to hear the “dialogue” between two barbies that they create. I often hear “my voice”…it’s funny how much they pick up. Additionally, I turned around one day to find Mini Me sitting like this. Barely moving, she said, “Do I make a good statue?”….unreal.


Playing guitar is one of the coolest things to watch. My son loves his guitar. He can’t help but feel like the coolest boy when he plays. He has been working with his instructor to learn the opening chords to “sweet home alabama”…the kid is giddy with excitement.


Life is a roller coaster. It has highs and lows. Times of excitement and times of a straight, terrifying downward plummet.  However, it’s a ride. You have to embrace whenever you are. Hold your breath during the accent and scream while you plummet.

IMG_1255Just because we can’t see those dusty, crusty gross areas in your life....doesn’t mean they aren’t there. I happen to enjoy the “haven” that is the front seat of my van. The other day I decided to venture to the back and sit with the littles while we waited for the big kids at gym class. Look what I found:

IMG_2763Seriously….so gross. Pretzel pieces, trash, paper…. Since I always open this door and peak in…I missed this little “treasure” actually on the door. As I cleared it out, I wondered how many more areas in my house, my kids have sabotaged….=)

Yep…Random thoughts…thinking about creating a new day for those..haha

***Working on a great blog on Advent and the holidays…stay tuned til tomorrow*****

God bless,


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  • Carrie says:

    You’re funny – I always have random thoughts…hmmm….!
    Beautiful family, love reading your blogs, Tammy :))