Tip Tuesday: Live in the moment….

Have you ever been in the middle of something but your mind is racing? People are talking to you but you really aren’t hearing anything that they are saying.

You are just not present….

You are busy planning a list of things to be done…

or maybe you are working out a problem in your head.

Whatever it is that you are doing…you are not present.

It’s really such an unfortunate occurrence.

It’s so important that we “live in the moment”.

Hanging with the littles..
Hanging with the littles..

This is me having one of ” those ” moments.

The hubs decided to take the three older children out for the evening, and I just had the two little kids. Within the first 10 minutes that the hubs had told me of his plan, I had visions of checking things off my “to do” list.

I had already decided that Dora was going to babysit those two little ones and I was going to tackle some paperwork and projects. I was sitting in the floor with my list when Mini Me came over and said, “Mom…my nose is stuffy and letting me know it doesn’t feel good. But my heart is saying….I need to cuddle with my mom”.

I mean…really??!! How do I respond to that?

“Well, honey…tell your little heart that mommy had big plans for putting the school room back together. I will take a raincheck for a more convenient time though……”

That’s the kid equivalent of the middle finger.

So….that wasn’t going to happen.

What did happen? This picture…..and a bunch more like it.

We took a bunch of selfies.

IMG_2243We took advantage of it just being “us”.  We played hide and seek. We had a little dance party and we pretended that we were princesses.

It’s not what I wanted.
It was what they wanted…

and I was determined to live in the moment.

My daughter has a real problem with this. We can be in the middle of a fun activity and she wants to know what we are doing next. I used to go through a schedule with her of the daily activities. However, with her personality, I realized that this makes it almost impossible for her to enjoy herself.

I give her last minute notice of everything. I don’t talk about events of the day with her. She needs to be able to live in the moment. In a society where everything is about convenience and getting things faster and easier…..she can venture to learn a little patience and just enjoy what she is doing.

What about you? Do you live in the moment? or do you plow through these precious moments thinking about the next “best thing”?

Do yourself a favor….slow down.

Imagine yourself out in the sun…and soak in everything that the moment offers you.

Moments and memories are fleeting….we are always chasing them. Try and hold on to them while you can……

God Bless,


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  • Teresa says:

    Thanks for the reminder to ‘strike a balance’. Living in the moment IS so important. Giving to the children when it is a sacrifice is important to practice. The children also need to know how to keep themselves busy and entertained on their own as well. I know some moms who never clean and rarely cook because they are constantly holding, playing, etc. My opinion! Thanks for the TIP!

    • tammim1010 says:

      Totally agree, T! Balance is soooo important, otherwise nothing gets done!