Tip Tuesday: FRUITFLIES!!!!

Well….we got a little unexpected souvenir from our trip to the Outerbanks….


I can’t tell you how much I detest these little buggers.

And my house was swarming with them.

There’s nothing like a infestation of bugs to make you feel gross.

Well…my frustration is your next Tip Tuesday!!!

I hope that this is an opportunity that you will not have to encounter…

but if you do….

here’s some proven tips to help you out!

  1. Wash all your fruit when you bring it home. (especially banana peels….these are breeding grounds for fruit fly eggs….ewwwwwww!)
  2. Put all your fruit away, when possible. Try not to leave fruit in a fruit bowl until you have gotten rid of all your fruit flies.
  3. Pour apple cider vinegar and one squirt of dishwashing detergent in a bowl. Cover tightly with saran wrap and using a toothpick poke holes in the saran wrap.

photo 1photo 3You can see all the holes that I poked in this bowl.

I was on a MISSION!!!

photo 4Success!!!!

I trapped about 20 of those suckers by the end of the day.

I also did some research online and saw that some people had success without the saran wrap. I tried that as well and trapped another 10!

4.) I also read that placing a very sweet fruit like an apple, banana or melon pieces in a bowl with plastic wrap is also a great way to trap some more of these buggers. I’m going to attempt that tonight to see if I can get some houseguests that don’t want to leave.

5.) Another idea is to pour a tiny bit of red wine in a glass and the fruit flies will try and drink it. But….let’s be honest…..I’m not wasting MY WINE on some fruit flies. I would rather have them swarm my glass and fight me for it.

LOL…hope your days are fruit fly-less!!!!!

God bless,


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  • Carrie says:

    You are not alone ! Funny post, Tammi ! One tried to BITE me last night – they are getting vicious ! I agree – I’m not sharing my vino with them either, that is sacred. Good luck on our joint mission (next focus : stink bugs ?!) :))