Tip Tuesday: Be willing to really share yourself…

Last fall, we had some professional pictures taken by a close friend of ours. He did such a wonderful job of capturing the closeness of our family. This is one of my favorite pictures of myself with two of my girls.

However, this is just one facet of my personality that I want my girls and children to remember and hold on to. If I was to die tomorrow, does this picture capture for my soon-to-be two- year old who her mother really was?

As an adult, I love to go through my pictures as I child. I love to see pictures of me with my siblings that are not staged or “set up”. My favorite pictures are those that show how much we cared about each other….that showcased laughter or spontaneous fun.

I wish I found more pictures of my mom and I. It seems that many of my pictures were taken by her with little photos of her. I wish I saw how we interacted. As children, we tend to grow up and be hard on our parents. I want to “freeze” memories with pictures to remind my children of all the good times we shared and will always have.

My tip for today is….be crazy. Go against the social “norm” and be willing to share yourself with your kids.

Don’t worry about how your hair looks or whether you have gained weight. Trust me…it will just be more to laugh about later…..=)

Take the time to savor these fun times…..

picture007laughing it up with the hubs and miss missy….

the Fashionista taking the first plunge into her cake….Daddy is ready to pounce on it…

Snuggles at a Laurie Berkner concert….

grabbing some snuggle time with DDD while cleaning the playroom….

IMG_5138fishy faces…….

IMG_5312scary faces…..with the fashionista….

IMG_5299sticking out our tongues…with Mini me…..

IMG_1388Sweet kisses with Miss Missy……

IMG_0729family loving…..



Six flags with the oldest kids…….

I hope as my children get older that they view me as more confident than I actually am; more fun than most people think; and more loving than I ever hoped to be.

I can only wish that my children see the person that I am trying to be.

God Bless,


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  • Dan McCarthy says:

    Love it!! Thanks for always helping me be my best and remembering what is most important in life.

    • tammim1010 says:

      Right back at ya, babe!

  • Maria Willging Kennedy says:

    Tami! I love this 😊 Please sign me up for your blog. You’re an amazing Mom! Xoxo Maria

    • tammim1010 says:

      Thanks, Maria!!!! Hope you are doing well!

  • Susan says:

    I. LOVE. THIS. POST!!!!!!!!!!
    You are so right about everything…EVERYTHING!!! And, you know what the best part is? The photos show us as moms being JOYFUL with our kids – even during the difficult and stressful moments of parenting. What great memory makers for the kids! You are awesome, Tam!!! 🙂

    • tammim1010 says:

      Thanks, Susan! Joy is such a powerful virtue for a mother….=)