Tip Tuesday: Flashback: 1st Birthday fun!

Planning a first birthday can be fun and special.  Here are a few tips/suggestions from Miss Missy’s first birthday.

1) Have a photo session.  I have five kids and the thought of taking them to the mall for one hopeful shot of my one year old becomes an ordeal that can last several hours. Not to mention the expense. So, you can imagine my excitement when I found a pin on Pinterest that suggested using wrapping paper and having your own photo session.  I found this cute wrapping paper at  the local dollar tree and made sure that I stretched it up the wall and across the floor and had Miss Missy sit on top. I made sure she had several props (toy cake slices, and a cell phone). It literally took 15 minutes and about 6 shots with my Iphone to land this cute shot! I love it. I had prints made at Walmart and I also bought two frames from the dollar store and spray painted them pink to match her party decorations.

Photo session2) Personalize when you can. I printed out some of my favorite photos of Miss Missy over her past year. I tried to find pictures of just her. I then displayed these on a clothesline around one of my favorite signs from the girls’ room. I hung all these decorations up with command strip hooks.

first year photos 3.) Serve food that is adult and kid friendly. Don’t have just kid food if the party involves kids and adults or very “fancy” food when the party is centered around a one year old. I like to plan my party around who is attending. If I have alot of kids over, I’m not serving anything with red sauce that I will have to clean up off my carpets. In fact, I try to only serve apple juice or white grape juice for that reason. I want to enjoy my parties too. It’s impossible to keep all the food from entering the basement or spills from happening, but you can make it easier on yourself. At this party, I served something simple. Probably Chic filia nuggets and pulled pork sandwiches in a crock pot. (see….just sent the hubs out. little cooking from mom.) I had a large fruit platter and veggie and dip platter; apple slices and caramel dip; crab dip with crackers; chip and dip; a greek salad; deviled eggs; and macaroni salad. I think, if I can remember correctly, I also served a baked macaroni and cheese for the kiddos.

buffet4.) Make fun decorations that kids will enjoy!!! The kids loved helping me hang these streamers that looked a multi-colored curtain. This pink tablecloth wrapped around the curtain rod made for a good valance. We made the puff balls out of tulle. I don’t have detailed pictures of the lollipop centerpiece or the bubble gum #1 centerpiece that were on the table but here are the pinterest sites I used below:

Easy centerpiece: Take big styrofoam ball and stick lollipops into it!

decorative mantleA simple mantle of fresh flowers and more photos of Miss Missy with family and friends. This is also where we had her gift bags and boxes placed when the guests arrived.

5.) Plan the party around the party kid. We planned our party to start when Miss Missy would be awaking from her nap. It was an “open house” type party running from 3-7pm with dinner being served around 4:30 and cake cutting at 5:30. This allowed Miss Missy to really enjoy her cake and opening her presents. She was the main “guest of honor” so the day flowed around her schedule.

6.) Make or Buy a Smash cake. My sister-in-law made this adorable “smash” cake for Miss Missy. It was a cake that was made only for her. This is perfect if your  little one has any food allergies. You can tailor their cake and buy a store cake for everyone else.

Smash cake!!!
Smash cake!!!

bria and cake 2bria and cake

The best of luck in all your party planning! Hope these have been helpful!

God Bless,


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