Crazy Hat day…..

The kiddos have “crazy hat day” today at the pool where they take their summer swim lessons. It’s a little competition to see who can come up with the prettiest or craziest hat. Typically I would have facilitated this activity with the kiddos. However, tonight, I just reminded them of the task and left them the keys to the art cabinet and my assistance with a hot glue gun. Here are their crazy/pretty/awesome hats:

The fashionista
The fashionista

The fashionista started with white cardstock that she colored with markers. Then she hot glue gunned fake flowers, buttons, and pom poms around her hat.

Sweet Pea's work of art
Sweet Pea’s work of art

Very similar to the fashionista, Sweet Pea created her hat from cardstock and then used marker to cover it. She then used a thick ribbon to adorn her hat. Using the hot glue gun, we adhered buttons, fake flowers, and sea shells to her hat. She’s so excited to show this off tomorrow.

DDD's hat.....
DDD’s hat…..

This kid is unreal with his imagination. Take a look at this hat……he made it out of a foam cup, popcicle sticks, tissues, ribbon and pom poms. He just keeps us laughing….

I’m excited to see how they do tomorrow! It’s always fun to compete!

God bless, tammi

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