Fashionista the detective

a detective's supplies
a detective’s supplies

So the “fashionista” has lost the match to her favorite brown sandal, and approached me this morning with this conversation:

Me: (washing breakfast dishes)

F: (Pencil and marble notebook in hand)   Excuse me, lady….I have a few questions for you. I’m a detective.

Me: Wow…a detective???

F: Yes….I”m trying to solve a mystery. You see…this shoe disappeared.

Me: I see…

F: So…..have you seen this shoe?

Me: No

F: (writing in her notebook)….Where was the last place you saw this shoe?

Me: On your foot…

F: MOM!!!!!

Me: oh….in your shoe cubby…(more writing)

F: I see…..ok….thanks.

* repeats same questions to her dad*** (obviously frustrated)…..

F: I think I need to bring a certain person, who has too much information to my office. (looking at Sweet Pea)

F: I’m going to bring you to my office and put some thinking music on for you. (grabbing the ipod touch) This should help you remember more….

Sweet Pea: I don’t know anything……(walking away)

F: (yelling) I’m NEVER going to crack this case…..I’m NEVER going to find my shoe…..

Me: Why don’t you just start looking for it? Check your room, under the couches…

F: Um….yeah…..I’m ok with never cracking the case….

Never a dull moment with kids around. Enjoy your Saturday!

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  • Dan McCarthy says:

    I could definitely use some thinking music…

  • Kerry says:

    Your kids are so darn cute! I’d write more but Will is asking me to play basketball and put my message down! Gotta go!