Top five loveletters from the hubs…..

149910_1530686785182_4091586_nChocolate, jewelry, wine….all great gifts…but to really know me is to know what makes me really happy. As a mom of five kids, life can get pretty hectic and the hubs has figured it out pretty quickly that giving me anytime to myself or taking a responsibility off my plate…is sure to reap great benefits. =) Here are some of my favorite “loveletters” from the hubs. =)

Grocery Shopping- I reaped the benefit of this last night. The hubs had been working a lot and knew that I was just exhausted. He called me to let me know that he would take care of it so I had plenty of time to menu plan and get my list together. So, I took the kids out for dinner and he shopped for the week. It was so nice to unload groceries that I didn’t shop for. =) No need to bribe kids with cookies in the store. No correcting while I peruse aisles. And he even nabbed me some bars of dark chocolate…for my healthy heart..of course. =)

Sleeping in/ taking a nap- My hubs is NOT a morning person. He has been an insomniac for most of our marriage and he’s always tired. I’m the spouse that falls asleep at any time, anywhere, and NOTHING can awaken me. I’m a night owl…but I pay for it in the morning with kids. Once in a while, the hubs will make a sacrifice and let me sleep in. I know it’s not easy for him. He is definitely putting me first.

Running one of my errands: since the hubs has a home office, sometimes he will offer to take the kiddos to one of their weekly activities and suggest taking along a child or two or making it a date for them.  It’s never planned and is such a welcomed break. When the Fashionista was taking gymnastics on Monday mornings at 9:30, it was so nice to just continue my homeschooling and not to have to break up the morning or load kids in the van. Often times, he would grab her a donut or take her out for a quick breakfast since they were alone.

Drawing me a bath:- So…my hubs has been known to draw me a bath complete with lit candles and music. It’s such a welcomed surprise after a rough day. It always seems to happen when I need it the most. (hint, hint…hubby)

Letting me bitch: Yep…just what I said….letting me bitch. Being my best friend and letting that little, annoyed, frustrated, tired Tammi talked about her terrible day. Not trying to “solve” my problems….no constructive criticism… not thinking less of me as a wife or mother……just a good listening ear followed by a sincere comment like “I’m so sorry, babe”.

It’s so nice when someone goes out of their way or performs a self-less act  for love of us. It’s one of the greatest gifts that can be given.

Praying that you have open eyes to see what loveletters God has placed in your path this week!!

God bless- Tammi

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  • Kerry says:

    Great post Tammi! I truly enjoyed it! While I don’t have 5 kids or anything close to it yes I too appreciate the little things more then anything! ;0) it’s great to hear how well Dan takes care of you!!

  • Susan says:

    Okay, really – REALLY???!!!! You must hug that man for me. Way to go, Dan!! Way to be a man, to love your wife, to raise her up in front of the children, to cherish her and to recognize how AMAZING she is. BIG HIGH FIVE!! And, Tammi, I LOVE that you are writing positive things about your husband, especially since we live in a culture that is a bit obsessed with throwing men under the bus. LOVE you two!! 🙂

    • tammim1010 says:

      I know right??!!! He’s a keeper. I think my blog post made him feel bad that he’s been working so much. =) I feel the same way….we need to really support our men and how they fight against the selfish nature the world tells them to embrace in marriage. =(