I love Spring!!!!……(so please come soon….)

Beautiful May day.....
Beautiful May day…..

So for the past few weeks I feel like I’ve been saying…..”either give us a great snow for sledding, and snowman making…or bring on Spring”!

As a mom, I’m waving that white flag of surrender. I am tired of correcting my kids….tired of saying “are you kidding me?”….tired of hearing myself frustrated. I’m ready for the warmth of the sun and the cool breeze from the spring wind. You know what I’m talking about….if you don’t….you’re totally lying!!!! hahaha

It’s also the beauty of Lent. We drag our beaten, dirty, worn out bodies, hugging to the cross, through this journey of sorrow. Some days you just want to give up those sacrifices and refuse the cross but we are a joyous people waiting for the Alleluia of Easter. The reminder that death has no sting, and that he has won the victory. See….I’m already pushing to celebrate Easter and we haven’t even hit Holy week yet. =)

Back to my point, my kids are trying all kinds of crazy stunts in their quest for fun. They have survived that craziness that is winter and are now just filled with so much pint up energy that we need to break out whenever possible. Thankfully with a few beautiful days, we were able to hit the neighborhood park and “abuse” the slides and “own” the swings.


However, for those of you who enjoy the antics of children…I had to share this blog post with you. I find my children extremely entertaining and I believe many of the “crazy moments” I’ve experienced the last few weeks will be precious memories for when they get older and we are recollecting.

Things I ACTUALLY heard myself say this week:


  • “Why is that jump rope tied over those chairs? NO….you may NOT make a high wire in my dining room!!! Are you trying to go to the hospital?
  • (on the toliet) “Someone please bring me some toliet paper? Didn’t I just place 4 rolls in here this morning?” Child #3: “You did, but I used them in my circus act to juggle.” “Ok…well could I PLEASE get at least one back, thank you.”
  • “Why is Daddy yelling at the front door?…..Could someone tell me why all my chair cushions are blocking the front door? Child #2 “We made an olympic swimming pool”…..”Ok….please put the cushions back.”
  • “Did I just hear someone say ‘let’s see if I can jump over Miss Missy?’ Are you kidding me?”
  • “Get that jump rope from around her neck! I don’t care if she’s a dog…..you can’t put a leash on her!”
  • Who destroyed my pot and pan cabinet? What happened? Child #2: I couldn’t find a place to hide and they were almost finished counting so I just climbed in with the pots! Were you laying on top of them? Child #2: Yep…some of them…
  • Hubby: Man…what happened here? (I’m standing over the stove cooking. Practically every cabinet is open with items thrown around the floor.) “Well….having an active 16 month old is like adopting a new puppy…..they rip through everything, destroying your house……welcome home!”

I could go on…..but that’s for another post. As for now, let’s wrap it up with a nice glass of wine and put this night/week to rest. Lord knows, it’s not over….haha. I’m sure tomorrow will be another eventful day.

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  • Carrie says:

    Hilarious ! Truly, why do kids play with non-toys ?! I swear, Toys R Us should package rocks, sticks, jump ropes, sofa cushions, construction paper, pillows, American flags, you know – random crap !! They could make a fortune :)) Oh well, it has helped me “share” their toys over the years with those who would really play with them ! Almost Spring, almost Spring

    • tammim1010 says:

      Carrie, I know, right??!!!I love that they use their imagination but sometimes it looks like a bomb when off in my house…haha. I’ll be chanting that all day, “It’s almost spring, almost spring”. Enjoy your day!

  • Kelly says:

    Thank you for your honesty Tammi! I am ready for spring too and have a list of my own that has been said this week as well! I love yours though and it brings a little comfort knowing it is happening not just at my house! Thanks for keeping it real and reminding us to find the humor!

    • tammim1010 says:

      absolutely…..there is happiness in unity! =)