Baptismal Anniversary Ideas

This week I celebrate the baptismal anniversary of three of my children. This is such a special time for our little family to remember their baptisms. It’s another opportunity to make that child feel special. My hubby and I also try to incorporate these ideas with our own godchildren. Here are some ideas of things we have thought about doing or have done to make this day special:

Baptism day with MiniMe
Baptism day with MiniMe
  1. Look through their baptism albums. Talk about special people that were there; what you served; any funny things that happened that day or funny stories. Share with them how special it was to you. Remind them that they were welcomed into God’s family that day.
  2. Make a copy of a picture from their baptism and post it on their door with a little note celebrating their day. If it is your godson/goddaughter, send them a little card in the mail with a picture of both of you from that day. Everyone loves to receive mail.
    Consider dropping off some flowers to a special goddaughter with a little note. A little note with a nice candy treat can go along way with a godson or goddaughter.
  3. Make them a special mug. Snapfish and Shutterfly are great companies that I have used in the past. Why not take a picture from their special day and make them a photo collage on a mug?
  4. Make a special dessert and light their baptismal candle.  One of my girlfriends does this with all her kids. It’s so neat to see the pictures every year.This is a great way to add a “flair” to the day. Let them decide what you will be having.
  5. Focus on the water “element” of their baptism. If it’s an option, take them swimming. We have a family membership to the YMCA with a pool. If DDD wasn’t sick this week, we were going to take a night swim as a family. If it’s the spring/summer, have a water balloon fight or buy them a water gun and have a family water gun fight.
  6. Go out for dessert. Because my son is sick, we did a quick ride through the local Dairy Queen for mini blizzards. These are favorites for the kiddos and only have happened during the summer.

Often times, for my children, is just the fact that I remembered. It’s another way to make a child in a growing family feel remembered, honored, and loved. What ways do you celebrate baptismal anniversaries? I would LOVE to hear other ideas!!!!

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