Crazy kiddos…..Lenten sacrifices

Mardi Gras dinner
Mardi Gras dinner

So the kids have been thinking a lot about their Lenten sacrifices. We typically divide Lent into 4 (10 day) sections. They like to pick something different for each section. It allows them to give up multiple things for a smaller period of time. The children have really been giving this a lot of thought.
Today I heard DDD and the Fashionista talking about Lent.
Fashionista: “I’m giving up chocolate”…..(insert smile)
DDD: “I think you should give up something that means a lot to you. If you really loved Jesus you would give up wearing your furry boots.
F: “You are the meanest brother ever! I could NEVER do that”. The joys of hearing your kids “discuss” stuff.


Sweet Pea: ” I think I will give up my bed for Lent.”
DDD: “me, too”
Sweet Pea: “Um…’s really hard. Remember I did it last year.”
DDD: “um….I think I will give up teasing….I tease a lot.


Me: “So what are you going to give up for Lent?”

Mini Me: “Um….being mean….”

Me: ” wow…that’s great. Who are you going to stop being mean to?”

Mini me: “Just Miss missy because her’s little…”

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  • chrissy says:

    Mini me reminds me of how my #4 is..(After ordering herself chocolate milk at a restaurant)…Me:”I thought you gave up choc. milk for lent?”
    #4:.”Mom, I gave up HOT chocolate, not chocolate milk.”
    Me:”Oh, well I thought yesterday at breakfast you said you gave up chocolate milk?”
    #4: “Oh, well I said I was because we weren’t having it at breakfast.”
    Me: Oh, so what you are saying is that you gave up Hot chocolate when you want choc. milk, and choc. milk when we have hot chocolate?
    #4: Yep.
    I dont think she is embracing her “sacrifice” just yet.

    • tammim1010 says:

      hahaha…I love her! I bought a big box of Apple Jacks that were on sale yesterday. DDD got all excited when he woke up and started in for a big bowl. I had to remind him of his giving up cereal. He quickly asked me to put some “aside” for him for Sunday…..I guess that’s one way to “work the system”. =)