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First Communion May 2011

It’s hard to believe how quickly time flies. How it seems that we run around trying to get everything “done”, and yet sometimes we forget to be “in the moment”, to really “take in” the memories that we are making. When I was debating what to call my blog and how to get started, I felt really compelled to share what is the most important to me….memories….making memories. Chasing moments with the people that I love. Preparing great food and just “hanging out” with good family and friends. Memories to me are like a “fine wine”…they are to be “sipped” and “savored”. But, as true for any dinner party, before you pull up a chair……Let me make some introductions……

The hubby: quite possibly the most amazing husband/dad EVER!!!! He’s an Irish Catholic with a huge heart for God, Notre Dame, and his family. Maybe not in that order…..=) He is truly the president of my fan club and has supported me and encouraged me in all my endeavors. He’s the kind of man that will call you in the kitchen to tell you that he’s just drawn you a bath and tagged you “out” for the next hour….yep…that good, ladies. He is a true romantic and has constantly spoiled me with attention and love. He’s been in sales for over 10 years and has found his niche with a great company. Lucky for the rest of us, he has a home office and travels when necessary. SO….breakfast appearances, lunch dates, and midday wrestling matches are definitely “on the menu” each week. As one of 12 children, he is close to his siblings and many of them are his best friends.


Sweet Pea- is my oldest at 8 yrs old. She truly has such a servant’s heart. Always looking for ways to lighten my load. She’s like the second mommy around these parts. When she was three, she would pretend that she was Rachel Ray and her younger brother was often her “guest co-star”. Her love for cooking is what pushed her to create ” Sweet Pea Sunday”, one Sunday a month when she makes a dinner meal for the family complete with a delicious dessert. I promised her one of my posts to detail one of these meals. She loves to sing at the top of her lungs and is currently taking hip hop classes. Like her mother, she holds a desire to “rock the stage” one day! In addition, she would LOVE to be a missionary and has a special place in her heart for those who are suffering. She is in the third grade and loves to read. She can often be found with her face under the covers reading a book.

Sweet Pea

Dirty Dog D- is my second child, my one and only son, at 7 yrs old. He is truly a lego ninjago-making, superhero fighting, break-dancing prince of this castle. He is a “closet” Bieber fan, but will belt out a Maroon 5 song any day. He has a ridiculous dress up wardrobe, as he loves to become a pirate, warrior, soldier, knight, or anything else that is domineering. When the hubby is home, these two are inseparable. Either there is an “all-out assault” with nerf guns or a Lego ninjago battle in the works. Another facet of DDD is his beautiful heart. He is a major protector of all the women in his life. He is the type of kid that when he earns a special treat, you find out that he’s shared it. If he takes his $52237425017716162480 to the dollar store, he buys something for all his sisters. Don’t get me wrong, he definitely is a strong willed child, but he has such a tender loving side. He’s definitely a favorite around these parts. He is in first grade and enjoys riding his scooter; playing soccer, and a good catch with the football.

The Fashionista– is the only name that could possibly fit my third child, and second 5 yr old daughter. She has the most beautiful curly dark brown hair and beautiful blue eyes…if you can’t tell…she will tell you. I WISH I had the confidence that this child possesses. She spends a good 15 minutes every morning picking out her outfit. If you try and help, you will mostly likely get either a “I would NEVER wear that it’s soooooo BOR-ing” or “nice job…..I was going to pick that”. Unlike some children, she gets excited every fall/summer when we bring up another box of “hand me downs” from the basement. After I recently bought Sweet Pea a new shirt for the fall, I overheard the Fashionista say, “I can’t WAIT to get my hands on that shirt!!!” =) She started kindergarten this year in homeschooling and was so happy to relinquish that preschool title. She loves gymnastics and has her eye on the Olympic platform.


Mini-Me– is my precious 3 yr old. She is truly the most lovable, cuddly child. She squeezes you so tight when she hugs and will flood your face with kisses. She was born with DH, or a displaced hip, and has been undergoing treatment since she was one week old. She has had several surgeries to fix her hip and will, God willing, be undergoing her last one this Spring. If you can remember back to Looney Tunes, she is TOTALLY Elmyra…”I’m going to hug him, and kiss him, and keep him for my very own”. She loves babies and anyone smaller than her, although she can literally “love them to death”. I have often unhinged babies and toddlers from her death grip. ( I wish I was kidding) She is currently obsessed with Doc McStuffins and being a doctor. Her cuteness is definitely necessary for survival as she is also a super strong willed child. She has a permanent butt-print on our stairs from her daily time-outs.


Little Miss-Missy is my current baby in the house. I say “current” because my hubby and I are always open to more children. She is 14 months old and a stubborn little one. Seeing as though everyone brings her anything she wants, she is our latest walker. She is enjoying cruising the furniture and playing “patient” to our own “Doc McStuffins”. She is a great communicator, using sign language to assist us in working with her. She loves to sign “milk”, “more”, “bath”, “play”, and a few other signs.


So…that’s our cast of characters….welcome to CTDW’s “blessings”! Stay tuned for more dinner discussions……

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  • sometimesmarthaalwaysmary says:

    Love the nicknames. LOVE.

  • Ryan-Marie says:

    Awe, I LOVE them!!!

  • Bonnie Lock says:

    Hi Tammi, I knew (sort of know) you’re family from way back when. I was in Brian’s class in highschool and am friends with Dan on facebook and saw his post about your blog. Love your blog and really enjoyed reading about your wonderful kids! I always love reading about and seeing how other christian families are making their walk with God with their family. Hope its okay if I come along for the ride! 🙂

    • tammim1010 says:

      Bonnie, Thanks so much for subscribing. I would LOVE to have you join us. =)

  • Family First says:

    Hi Tammi, I love, love, love your blog! I went to HS with Dan and saw his posts about your blog. Dan was always such a sweet guy in HS (Sounds like he still is ;), so I am happy he found someone just as sweet! I used to see some of your posts, when you tagged Dan, on FB and loved to hear your stories about the kids and Dan. Your blog is about the family I always wished I could have had, keep up the great work!