Taking a “peek” inside our homelife……it’s a wild ride.

What is it like to homeschool 5 kids during the day?

Random….funny…..never a dull moment around here.

It’s also the greatest, most draining, incredible mission.

I’m so thankful that on friday..we will end another school year successfully.

These pictures speak for themselves…..

Enjoy this little “peek” into our home life….

IMG_9876 IMG_0212 IMG_0181 IMG_0067 IMG_0064IMG_9913 IMG_9887 IMG_0037 IMG_9256 IMG_9246 IMG_9136 IMG_9087 IMG_9085 IMG_9819 IMG_9704avia and mom bria and avi

IMG_6956IMG_7018IMG_7056IMG_7399chinese girls girls

Lord, thank you for another year to have them home with me. Another year to see their goals surpassed and their weaknesses strengthened.

Bring on summer!!!!

God Bless,


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