Let’s start the celebrations…

It’s here….Easter Sunday!

I was awakened at 7:30 am by all five children singing ” Alleluia…he is risen!”

This picture makes my heart take flight!

What an amazing ending……so much better than “happily ever after”!

“Death where is your sting?  now that the tomb is empty….Oh Death, where is your victory? Now that Jesus lives….”- those verses are my favorite from “Halleluia, He is Risen”. 

My children know how much I love these verses, so to be awakened by them was awesome.

Such blessed little cherubs…but…7:30am??!!

Haha….if only mom hadn’t gone to bed at 3am!

Well…I guess after 40 days of Lent…they were ready!

In order to pull off the total “surprise” of decorating for the kiddos Holy Saturday night, I am often decorating late into the night. Some might find it crazy….and it is…but I love it.

It was about 11pm when I remembered that I didn’t purchase any Easter Lilies. I can’t forget Easter Lilies!!!!! Thankfully, the nearby grocery is open 24 hours!

I love watching them tear through their Good Friday banner and seeing “Easter” all over their school room. If you want to read about the notion of our Good Friday banner, please check out my blog post here.

After running down the stairs, and ripping through their banner, the children ran to their school chairs to rummage their Easter baskets as the joyful songs of “Life High the Banners of Love” played aloud. As a Franciscan University graduate, this is my own little “version” of attending the beautiful Easter Vigil Mass. What a gift to my spiritual journey to have encountered Easter Vigil at Franciscan and truly learn what joy Easter can usher in.

After loading up on some chocolate, we were off to Easter Mass.

The Fashionista had me sign us up to bring up the offertory. Here we are before Mass.


Dressing in our Easter best has always been a tradition in our home. In years past, the girls have worn Easter bonnets and white gloves. This year, my mother had purchased the three younger girls their Easter outfits as one of their Christmas presents… and I love practical gifts. I love how she selected identical dresses for Miss Missy and Mini Me , but she chose a dress that was a little older for the fashionista. What could be better than a busy mom just having to buy cute shoes and some dressy hair bows??!! DDD just tugged at my heart when he asked if we could purchase his Jeff cap while in Crazy 8s. Since he was about three, the boy has been obsessed with vests and suit jackets. Nordstrom Rack helped with Sweet Pea’s dress. It was the perfect blend of feminine and “older”girl.

After a small brunch, it was time for the annual Easter egg hunt! I love how most of my kids put their pajamas on to “hang out” for the rest of the day.

The hubs hides about 100 eggs filled with candy, family coupons, and cash. The children love looking through their “spoils”.

Since I was feeling under the weather, the Fashionista helped with the dinner centerpiece


and made a cute coconut bunny cake for our Easter dessert!


 Alleluia! He is risen!

Here’s to celebrating the next 50 days of Easter!


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  • Carrie says:

    Happy Easter ! Beautiful family ! Looks like a fun time was had by all ! Hope you’re feeling better, too…enjoy the warm weather today :))