The Ultimate Rule for Keeping Your House Clean……

I know right, one rule?! Sounds crazy, right?!

I gotta tell you…you are going to love it…and do you know why?

Because…it’s not my rule.

It’s from the brilliant sisters over at Double the Batch.

So..I have this amazing sister-in-law, Chrissy…over at Thoughts of a Mother and Wife. She is one of those close girlfriends who knows your weaknesses and your struggles. She loves hanging with you and will “tell you likes it is”. She is a fountain of wisdom for me, and is often a sounding board for me on areas of frustration. She knows that I get crazy about how my house looks….how I race around to clean before company comes…how I really desire to have more peace about the state of my home at any time.

So when Chrissy sent me this pin on Pinterest…it was exactly what I needed.

Not necessary what I wanted to hear…but what I should be doing and one of the reasons for much of my frustration with keeping my house clean.

I will tell you that this “ultimate rule” is about finishing what you started.……

I know…simple right….please do yourself a favor and read this post if this sounds like something you might struggle with.

I will be taking this nasty, rainy, thunderstorm- skies, kids-freely-playing day and tackling many of the remnants of projects that currently surround my home.

This week will be the first time that I put the ideas of this post into practice in my home.

I pray that your home may be a home that brings you peace….even if that means among the clutter.

(Rolling up my sleeves…and diggin’ in!!)

putting on my "work"cap....this chica means business
putting on my “work”cap….this chica means business

And this will most likely require a glass or two of vino this evening….haha.

God bless,


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  • Chrissy says:

    Well, now that you’ve reminded me about this pin…i guess it’s time for me to put away all that laundry staring at me… AHH. Go get em tam!

  • Jennifer says:

    That was a good read, and yes that is my problem too. So many little people who I am trying to finish things for with not so much mobility at the moment. It sums up what I have been wanting to somehow do before baby comes, finish up all these little things so they aren’t there to bother us (mostly me) in that special new baby time. I think it’s now time to stop reading and load the dishwasher from dinner. Thanks. 🙂

  • Katie says:

    Hey! thanks so much for sharing our post today! I loved reading what you wrote. Made my day! Good luck! The finish rule sounds so simple, but I’m always amazed at how easy it is to slack off and ‘save it for another day.’

    • tammim1010 says:

      Katie…thanks so much for writing to me! I’m tackling the basement today…haha. It’s tough when you really scrutinize how many things in your home are left ” unfinished”. Thank you for the kick in the pants!!