Nutella and hanging out!

Few things make me happier than throwing on a comfy pair of pajama pants after a long day…

you know…grabbing a soft throw blanket….a hot cup of tea…and a little one to cuddle…


I’ve been trying to get this “family ship” back to “sailing” since our long Christmas holiday break and with that I need to jump back into the “blogging saddle”. So bear with me as I get you “caught up” over the next few blogs.

So….with that in mind, today we started back at our bi-monthly co-op.

For those of you who do not homeschool, a co-op is the closest thing to attending school for our children. The co-op that my children attend is run by the parents and is held on Friday twice a month. The children take various academic classes such as Chemistry, Biology, History as well as specialty classes such as Knitting, Jewelry Making, and Theatre. To give you a better prospective, It would be like accompanying your  2nd, 3rd and fifth grader to school, with your kindergartener and preschooler with you…all day. (9-3pm) And… are also organizing a craft for two of the classes so you need all your stuff for that too. (I teach two classes at the co-op) You assemble the lunches for everyone (including yourself)….make sure you have enough water/milk for the little ones, a few coloring books or playmobiles to keep them occupied, and the homework assignments/school needs for the other kids. The number of bookbags, totes, lunchboxes is pure insanity.The preparation exhausting….

However, the joys of watching your kids interact with their friends…..

sitting and holding someone’s new baby over a hot cup of tea/coffee….

discussing the best way to do just about anything amongst other moms…

or having your daughter take a knitting class from one of your friends is just…..



My children have been attending this co-op for the past few years and have really found some of their best friends here……


on Co-op Fridays….this momma is ready to kick everyone in bed at 5:30 and pour a glass of Prosecco for the hubs and chug the rest of the bottle myself!!!….I kid….well, maybe…..

So….after emptying all the bags out of the van…..I was greeted by the Fashionista who wanted to “hang out with me”.

Really, Lord??!!!


After a quick dinner of grilled cheese and black beans,  I asked if she felt like making dessert. She was all over my Pinterest board in seconds. Thankfully, we found these Nutella cookies and she was in heaven!


Nutella cookies


She was so eager to dish them out to her siblings and have them gush over her newest dessert!,

If you love Nutella like this girl, these cookies are a must try!!!!

As for me, I’m going to finish this blog, and then it’s back to the comfort of family movie night and hot tea!!!!

Enjoy your weekend!

God Bless,


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  • Carrie says:

    Aw, that’s adorable ! And God Bless you for finding that last ounce of energy after your exhausting day to bond with her. She’ll remember that forever ! My son will also probably want me to ask you for her phone # since he could eat nutella 24/7 (but I’ll take the recipe for now !). Enjoy your wkend :))