Pick your poison….and than purge your life of it.

We recommend parents and caregivers eliminate hidden household poisons ...

(First of all, I want to thank the Lord for this onset of the stomach flu today that led to the creating of this blog. Obviously, I was suppose to write it. )


We often think of poison as something that we ingest “accidentally” or that someone else gives us to cause us harm…

However….we can introduce our own poisons in our life….

identifying them…can be life changing…

How do I know? …..

Let’s talk about the ones I am trying to get rid of this Lent……

  1. Ranting- When I told the “crew” that I was giving up ranting over dinner the other night, Sweet Pea asked “what is ranting?” My answer: “you know…when you do something like complain about your Saxon classwork and instead of saying ‘Please…just do your work’, I say something like “Seriously??!! Do we have to do this everyday?? Am I going to hear you complain about that everyday? You have no idea how blessed you are to have a mom that has…….yada yada yada. She got the idea…real fast.  haha. Needless to say, she agreed that this was probably a good thing for me to give up.
  2. Justification– yeah…I said it. I like to call it “bullshitting your way out of reality”. haha. Yeah…I said “bullshitting”…I feel that strongly about it. Listen….I know the truth…whether I practice it in my life or not does not make it less truthful. Its when we “allow” ourselves to do something because we feel it can be justified. It’s ok if I talk bad about this person because I am really trying to find a way to help him/her. It’s ok if I steal a few office supplies from the office for my home because I can’t afford to buy this with my own money. It’s ok if I yell at my kids and verbally abuse them, because they drive me crazy. We all do this in some way and it creates “toxins” in our soul and mind. It prevents us from being the true person the Lord intends us to be. It takes away from the “greatness” within us.
  3. Feeling sorry for ourselves. Yep….step up your game! You only have to turn on the news to feel better about your family, your job, your husband, your kids, your country, etc. Snap out of it!!! (I’m yelling at you!!!!!!….like only someone who cares can) There are plenty of people who are praying to be in your situation….to have a loving husband who cares……to HAVE children……to be able to eat daily……. If you are reading this, and thinking to yourself…”I know all this” and yet you still are feeling sorry for yourself…pray for humility to really see your life with new insight. Ask the Lord for help.

* Now for the next few….I’m going to refer you to a blog post I wrote last year.*

Last year???!!!

I’m sure you are thinking that……(I did)

And I can humbly say that when I read my post from last year I thought….”wow….guess I didn’t realize how difficult those things are for me since here I am working on them again this Lent”. But…..that is true in most areas of my life….I am that hamster on a wheel plugging away but it is with God’s grace that I continue to battle those areas.

You can read about those here.

Wishing you a tough and yet peaceful Lent.

God bless,


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