Touched by His Light- the project

I am a “thinker”….I always have a billion ideas bouncing around my head. It’s unreal what I could produce given an endless supply of money and time.

But…let’s not share that piece of information with my husband who would just be happy if I finished SOMETHING I started or STARTED something I “envisioned”.

I used to get projects “started” and then never finish them….like the baby blanket that I was still working on 3 years after the birth of my niece. When she had her 5 yr old birthday, I tossed that thing. haha.

However, sometimes I feel very convicted about a project or an idea and I just KNOW that God is calling me to do His Will and bring the project to fruition.

Touched By His Light

is just one of these ideas.

Well…not really an “idea” but.... a movement…..

an opportunity to “rekindle” the fire of the Catholic Church.

Are you intrigued???

Are you feeling this same pull in your life?

Touched-By-His-Light-Cards-LOGOFor a few years, I have been working on instilling certain virtues in my children….one that I consider extremely important is generosity. I want my children to always be reminded that work itself is a blessing. I often remind my children how “blessed” we are that “daddy has a great job and makes good money to take care of us”. We speak often of using our money to help the less fortunate and those around us who need our help.

Over the past few years, the children have helped me go shopping to send “goodies” to college nieces and nephews. We have often given cash to numerous strangers or paid for some groceries. This year we delivered diapers, wipes, and numerous baby needs to some moms at a pregnancy center. It is my belief that I should teach my children that we are the hands and feet of Christ. If we see a need, we need to fill it.


St. Paul tells us in the scripture to “be able to give a reason for  your joy”. This is a bible verse that I refer to a lot when I am discussing with the children the joy that we should exhibit as Christians…..


Often when I am helping a complete stranger, I walk away as I see them cry or rejoice in this little “gift” they have just received. I know it can be uncomfortable taking cash from someone, or having them do something nice for you…but often times I have wanted to say…

God loves you….you are his!”

but..I hesitate because of the randomness of this chance meeting.

Shouldn’t they know that God sent me to find them?

Shouldn’t they know that I believe that God has great plans for them??

This has been weighing heavily on me this past fall and into this winter. I could tell you countless stories of people who have expressed their “thanks” by explaining their present situation… recounting stories of unemployment; being left by their spouses; and just “depressed” with where life has them.

What if we could restore hope?

Touched by His Light is an “action based” movement. It’s a call to action. A call to see a need and fill it.

I reached out to Sarah at Three Roses design on etsy to help me design a card that I could hand out along with money, gift cards, etc. Sarah…did not disappoint. I was humbled by her willingness to provide me with the template for free. So here it is:

Touched By His Light Cards -blog2

My children and I have printed out several copies of these cards on cardstock and we carry them in our van. When the opportunity arises, we can pull out a card and share our faith with someone as well….but with no words at all. “Preach the Gospel…and if necessary use words.”- St. Francis of Assisi.

Those who have opened their hearts to God’s love, heard his voice and received his light, cannot keep this gift to themselves.”

 This quote from Pope Francis’s newest encyclical seemed to be the perfect addition to these cards. What a beautiful way to verbalize the need for our church members to spread the message of Christ’s love and do what we can to help others come to Christ… be a source of love in their tough time. The facebook page was added as a way that people could  share their “story” about receiving one of these cards.

www.facebook/Touched by His Light

My hope is that, as the movement grows,…to provide resources on the facebook page as well.

If this has touched your heart in some way, I would ask that you join me in taking part in this. Simply print out some cards for yourself…and bless those in need.

If you are looking for some suggestions on possible ways to “touch” someone with “His Light”:

  • buy the food for the person in line behind you at the drive thru.
  • offer to help someone with their groceries to the car.
  • deposit $1.00 bills around your neighborhood dollar store with cards attached.
  • get extra cash back after you pay for your groceries, and hand it to the person behind you.
  • pay a few parking meters
  • grab a few coffees or a box of joe and drop them off to workers who are working outside (construction workers, road workers, etc.)
  • leave some yummy treats in your mailbox for the mailman.
  • leave a thoughtful message on the windshield of several cars in a parking lot.
  • send your kids to shovel several sidewalks or driveways in the neighborhood.
  • bring a dinner or diapers over to a new mom.
  • take your kids shopping for groceries for a food bank.

As long as there is a need….there should be people willing to fill it. I urge you to join me in finding the need in your family, in your neighborhood, and in your community…..and bring Christ to them!

Thank you for opening your hearts to this venture.

May God bless you!


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  • Julia says:

    Today, I bought an elderly woman 3 nightgowns. She insisted that she pay for them, I told her to sleep well in them and to know that God love her and cares for her. She called me her sunshine. We both were blessed.

    • tammim1010 says:

      “We both were blessed”…I love it! It’s amazing how when we think we are doing for others, we are really helping ourselves grow in virtue. Thanks so much for sharing this, Julia! God bless!

  • tammim1010 says:

    Reblogged this on Chasing time and Drinking wine and commented:

    During this season of alms giving, let’s remember to bless those who may need Christ’s light the most! Join me in this movement to do ” random acts of kindness” in the name of Jesus!