Tip Tuesday: Top five random things I did this week for sanity…..

Seriously…sometimes I go through a week and I’m like, “how did I make it through that?”

It’s God’s grace and a lot of good “tips” and “tricks”.

(Like the fact that its 11:30pm and I am writing a “Tuesday tip” blog…..)

You may read this and just have a good laugh, or you may read this and start taking notes.

No worries…no judgement here.

I live in survival mode.


  1. I buy several of these every year. They run about $1 at the local target or walmart. Miss Missy has really bad eczema especially on her hands. Anything acidic just rips at her skin, however She LOVES spagetti and pineapple….two very acidic foods that she is NOT allergic too. Sadly, within minutes of feeding herself, she is in tears from the painful itching on her hands. This week I put these gloves on her hands as she ate dinner. I didn’t have to scrub any red sauce out of her tiny nails while she cried. It was awesome!!! I mean…what little kid DOESN’T want to eat with gloves on.

2. My little toddler is on the go. She wants to walk around and eat and I don’t want to have to walk behind her cleaning up her messes. Insert this……..yep…standard measuring cup with a handle. I pour a few craisins in and she’s super happy. She holds the little handle and walks around eating out of the cup with her other hand. She thinks its the coolest “bowl” ever. The handle is perfect for her little grip.IMG_15433. Yeah…that’s a GI-NORMOUS fort in the MIDDLE of my school room. Apparently, it was the ONLY place to finish up independent reading. It was complete with fluffy floor pillows and a CD playing music. So…if you are having trouble getting your kids to read or do their homework….build a fort….”they will come….”. hahahaha…..It also doubles as a babysitter for toddlers…..fyi……

IMG_1486       4.  One of the toughest things for kids is...not getting enough sleep. My fourth tip is to let your kids sleep in, or encourage afternoon naps if you feel their personality changes. Sweet Pea has been really argumentative lately with her siblings. She’s also crying about how “she’s not sure why”… My guess is that she’s struggling with hormones and needs more independent time. I’m trying to get her to take more time to go up in her room and lay across her bed. Obviously, I feel like she could use the added sleep as well. Apparently, from this picture, she’s quite content.

IMG_15485.  Both my son and daughter are working on the 50 United states. My son is memorizing all the states and their placement on the map and my daughter is working on states and their capitals. This week I pinned up this huge wall map for the two of them. On the right is a smaller blank map with just outlines of the states. They have been spending a few minutes in front of the map daily and it’s been really beneficial. I also utilized Post-it’s little page tabs to keep track of their work. The yellow tabs are the states that DDD knows and the pink tabs are the states/capitals that Sweet Pea has memorized. It helps them to see what states or capitals they need to study and helps me to quickly “quiz” them without opening a book.IMG_1550

Well….that’s the beginning of our week so far. What fun tips are getting you through this week?

I would love to hear if any of these tips were helpful

God Bless,


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