Tip Tuesday: Sometimes you just want to do it yourself……

Before- May 2013
Before- May 2013
after- July 2013

The hubs and I moved into our new construction home in February of 2010. Like most new construction homeowners, we spent the first two years working on our yard. It was nothing but rocks and clay dirt. After two years and thanks to a local landscaper, we finally had our first successful seeding and aeration. With special help from Scott’s lawn service, we were able to keep the crabgrass and weeds at bay.

So….on to the front landscaping!!!! We really debated bringing in some landscapers to do the front beds for us but…we wanted to start this project ourselves.

Here’s my tip for Tuesday: If you think you can do it yourself…try!!!!!

My husband and I decided to add a little color to our beds; have some fresh mulch delivered; and to make it an annual project to pick 2-3 new bushes/flowers to add to our landscaping.

Before: needs mulch; weeding; and a clear edge
Before: needs mulch; weeding; and a clear edge
Before: needs mulch, color
Before: needs mulch, color
After: lined the walkway with impatiens; weeded and edged. Added a little family stone.
After: planted hydrangeas and impatiens; weeded and edged. With the magic of organic miracle grow, those impatiens have doubled in size.
Before: taken over by weeds
After: weeded, planted hydrangeas and impatiens
After: planted petunias and impatiens; weeded; and edged.


My children LOVE to look at the flowers as we come up the walk.

“Mom…they are so pretty!”

It’s such a great feeling to look at something that you planted or to see the beauty in hard work and being dedicated to a task.

It’s not a finished product….that will take a few years…. but we are proud of what we’ve started.

We are proud to show our kids that we can roll up our sleeves and do somethings ourselves.

What project are you going to start????

God bless,


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