Summer bucket list!!!!….

Every year, the kids and I look forward to making our summer bucket list. It is the perfect activity to get the kids excited for all the possiblities that the warm sun lavishes upon us.

I LOVE pinterest. I mean LOVE…… The kids and I have always enjoyed hosting parties at our house; decorating for the holidays; and finding new yummy recipes to fall in love with. If you search Pinterest for “summer bucket list”…you will be FLOODED with all these cute ways to create a bucket list and it’s so easy to get “caught up” in “making” a project about a list of activities you are going to partake in.

If you struggle with inconsistency like I do, just make a simple list. Don’t try to find something complicated off of Pinterest. You know….like you write all those cute ideas on a craft stick that you pull from everyday. (Let’s be honest….you want MORE control than that. The last thing you want to do is pull  Family Obstacle Course when you are recovering from late night “cocktails” with the hubs)  So with that in mind, here is a picture of our summer bucket list that is on the side of our fridge.  

summer bucket list
summer bucket list

It is color coded into three categories: cheap/free; little money/no planning; expensive/involves planning. I can then plan something for us to do during the week that falls into whatever category I am looking for. We can continue to add events when we think of them and we can cross off events when we complete them.

So far the kids have:

  • been on a family hike
  • been to a drive-in movie
  • gone on a family picnic
  • been to the pool
  • visited grandmom in MD
  • joined the library’s summer reading program
  • gone to Vacation Bible School at our church
  • made snow cones
  • planted our vegetable garden
  • made forts

Most of all, we are spending the summer having a great time!!! Enjoy your summer!

God bless,


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