Easter Celebrations!!!

Just as I sat down and uploaded my photos of Easter Sunday to my laptop, my hard drive crashed! NOOOOOOOOO

Thankfully the people at Best Buy’s Geek Squad were able to salvage all my photos and the great people at DELL sent me a box to return my laptop. So I apologize for how late this post is in arriving…but a LOT of work went into getting these pictures, saving them, resaving them and then posting….

SO….let’s talk our Easter Celebrations!!!!

AND…roll pictures of our decorations…..

mantle 2

I LOVE fresh flowers!!! Spring, for me, is about filling my house with fresh flowers starting at Easter. These tulips really helped to “accentuate” the easter decorations that I had.

Easter book display

I like to display holiday books on this little piece in our family room. It encourages the children to pick up these books and read through them.

My favorite family tradition is our annual “decorating of the school room” and the “running through the banner”. My children decorate a banner on Good Friday and we close down our school/play room til Easter Morning. When the children come down in the morning, they hear loud, joyous religious music playing, and they run through their banner that blocks entry into the school room. Here are the decorations that they found:(please excuse their messy cubbies)

school room decor 1


How cute are these little Easter cupcake toppers? And if you are like me, Easter has enough sweets so…why not use them for muffins instead of cupcakes??? My kiddos LOVED these for breakfast. I served these and some fresh fruit and juice.

Check out this view of our school/play room below. I think it turned out so nice this year:

full school room shot

And I LOVE the fragrant smell of an Easter Lily. I try to keep it alive as long as possible. It’s just beautiful!!!!

After a quick “treat” from the Easter baskets, we were off to get ready for Church. Check out my little beauties……

Then…..it was time to have the hubby hide the kids eggs.

easter egg

egg treasures

This year we decided to fill the kids eggs with candy, some cash, and some of these cute “egg coupons” that I found on Pinterest. Surprisingly, the kiddos found the coupons to be the “coveted” prize from the eggs.

You can find them here….

Here are two pictures I got that captured emptying their eggs….

shay egg results

egg results

Lastly we sat down for our Easter dinner:

table centerpieces

 tOn the menu:

  • marinated lamb chops
  • baked glazed ham
  • Martha Stewart’s mac and cheese (phenomenal….)
  • steamed broccoli
  • sweet corn
  • garlic sauteed spinach
  • some sparkling peach grape juice for the kiddos
  • malbec wine for the adults

As you can see, we had a wonderful Easter Sunday celebration!

Thanks for stopping by!

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