Kids Chore Chart…..thanks, pinterest!

Pinterest chore chart
Pinterest chore chart

I saw this adorable kids chore chart on Pinterest. (You can click on the picture to go to the website) and just HAD to replicate it for my kid’s homeschooling activities.

It gets really hard trying to motivate them to get everything done when you are trying to keep on top of their homeschooling; their hygiene; and their housekeeping responsibilities.

So we decided to try our version of this chore chart.

Here it is:


The local dollar tree had these cute door knob signs that were perfect for this project. Add some markers, and a few clothes pins and we were set. Obviously, Sweet Pea created her own chore chart, thus the cute markered little girl on the bottom.

I should add that in the past, I would have completely created this chart myself with little help from Sweet Pea. However, I am beginning to realize that my own need for perfection can lead my children to feel that their work isn’t “good enough”.  Thereby, my attempts at letting them do their own crafts from start to finish. =)

We have found this to be very effective for the following:

  • in helping her gain independence in getting her own stuff done
  •   releasing me from a need to “nag”
  • being able to see how effective she is being with her time, by checking it throughout the day
  • allowing her to see how much she has left to do
  • giving her a strong sense of accomplishment, when all the pins are to the right.

So…it’s been a win/win for us! I definitely would call this a Pinterest Success for us!!!!

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